“You are a really dull class!”

Speaks for itself.

Not only does the military not like this guy- he can’t hide his contempt for them either… just like years ago when he called our Army “stupid bastards” in a speech.

How long will this charade of an imposter president continue?

51- are you outraged by his comments? Or- nah?

You weren’t offended by Trump’s comments calling the military - even deceased ones - losers, so no.

They don’t have to clap. Don’t really care.

I don’t think you understand my point. I don’t care what a president says. 99.9999% of the time I’m not outraged.

I’m not outraged here either. I just think Biden is a loser and an idiot who is losing his mind.

But YOU… YOU were the one for years always outraged by every word Trump uttered.

But no outrage here. I wonder why?

Then he went on to quote Mao Tse Tung

Why would an American President quote a Communist leader to our own military?

No message

Because Biden didn’t directly insult them or what they chose to do with their lives?

This dude can’t even drive on his own.

Everything this guy does is staged. He’s literally Weekend at Bernies.

And you mongoloids did this to us.


LOL. Trump’s triumphant return from the hospital where he took off his mask on the portico and saluted marine one (and looked like a douche - an ill douche at that) was entirely staged.

But you saluted him from your home I’m sure.

Lol…He didn’t exactly compliment them.