Woke politics sinks 3 San Fran school board members

This is great news. Here’s a good one for Warden that thinks people don’t care about the woke lefty schools. The further left these crazy school boards go, the more folks say enough is enough. Even Dems are fed up.

San Fran had 7 school board members, and all of them were Dems. Three are now gone.

I guess renaming schools and focusing non merit based admissions didn’t play well during the pandemic.

Once again, it appears you’re showing your colors. The only school focused topic we’ve ever discussed was how it’s pathetic that you think schools are catering to furries.

One of the board members was canned for racist tweets, but renaming schools and shit doesn’t mean anything to me. The only thing I care about with school boards is they don’t ban books as a rule, aren’t trying to interject ideology into classrooms (and no, basic history isn’t ideology even though denying of such basic history is) and it would be nice to have someone, anywhere, focused on teaching shit for the future as opposed to trying to push this 1953 readin, writin, rithmatic mindset. China isn’t focused on teaching their kids readin’, writin’, rithmatic’ only, that’s for sure.

But, dude, I don’t give one literal shit about the names of schools. If you want to take down a Robert E Lee statue, okay. I just don’t care. I’d prefer white nationalists don’t start driving their cars into people. The fact that I acknowledge a systemic history of racism in this country is basic history. It doesn’t mean I’m on the front-lines of a race war bitching about the name Abraham Lincoln on a school.

It’s like this…I can spend weeks picking apart DNC or Democratic policies throughout the country and over the last 80 years. But, you folks never get down that far…instead, you deny basic realities we can literally see outside and we spend all of our time bitching back and forth over who’s censoring each other. You think the left is Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc, which is ridiculous. I show you that your actual state administrations are banning books and this “the state” is censoring, and you go nuh-uh or just ignore the whole thing in general. But, we never get passed the superficial to get into the dirt.

I’ve actually been outspoken about letting the psychos have their rallies. We used to let the KKK speak, and then everyone would see what shitholes they are. I never agreed with places like Berkeley shutting down this or that speaker. But, I also acknowledge basic shit like racism exists.

I’m not sure anyone who’s actually known me has ever called me “woke.” I’ve also not been the cat who thinks wokeism is destroying the world. I just think its a pendulum swing. It’s swinging way too far on each side right now, but that’s what happens when it breaks loose. It’ll settle down. The only question is, will we be able to fix all this shit once it does?

I’m not for wholesale book banning. But I don’t think grade school kids should have access to adult material.

Here’s what I’m against, teaching sex ed to 4 year olds and trying to hide it from the parents.

Then don’t send your kids there. It’s about the National Association Independent Schools, which is a private school organization only dealing with 1200 schools across the country, and one by which you have to sign a contract for in order to send your kids there.

Do you look up any of this?

There are 98,755 public schools in the US. Instead, you send this thing dealing with 1200 private schools that you have to sign a contract with beforehand agreeing to this type of teaching.

As far as hiding it from parents, they aren’t. They just don’t give a shit what you think. It’s in the contact you signed when sending your kids there.

What else have you got?

How about this shit in PUBLIC schools?

Yep, and I send my kids to private schools to get away from this.

You don’t think the public schools are pulling some of the same stuff?

Rather than say “yeah this is messed up” you just dismiss it.


Yet, the article you cited was pertaining ONLY to private schools.

Well, you thought public schools were catering for furries, so you obviously have no clue what’s going on in public schools.

Rather than admit that this is pertaining to only 1200 schools who all require a contract to be signed BEFORE admittance agreeing to this stuff, and not your narrative about “wokeness”, YOU dismissed it. It’s kind of like how the entire Ukraine Biden thing was explained to you with source material and you dismissed it as well.

In order to understand the situation, one has to have the integrity to care. I don’t agree that teaching 4 year olds about sex education is a good deal, but I don’t agree with teaching the Bible as reality is a good deal either. I didn’t sign up for either. If you did, you chose that PRIVATE school. That’s your deal, not mine.

However, teaching sex ed I’m all for and definitely should do a better job and earlier on as well.

But, you didn’t care about any of that. You just wanted your narrative agreed with. Did you say a word about a public school forcing black kids to draw black people picking cotton? Nope, not a word. You don’t give a shit about any of that.

That fact is Breitbart is a known fake news site. They have some shit that’s real, but rarely without a fake spin on it. So, we’ll start there. Secondly, there is zero evidence that the NAIS has a discussion called Through the Lens of Gender, Identity…", outside of Breitbart. All the other sites cite Breitbart.

Here’s the NAIS program for that year. See anything like that? NAIS - Annual Conference

So, I had to hunt a little bit to get at what we’re talking about. Is this even a real thing or being reported properly or what

I found this - Navigating Gender and
Sexuality in PreK–12
Students naturally explore a range of identities,
expressions, and roles as they navigate the
social and academic world in PreK–12. This
session provides (1) a conceptual model for
understanding biological sex, gender, and
sexuality and (2) contemporary terminology
for exploring these essential parts of human
identity. You will be invited to generate
questions related to the Why? What? Who?
When? and How? of engaging with these
issues. You will apply the concepts and
language presented to school-based scenarios.
Your school mission will be your primary
reference point for this work. Bring humility,
curiosity, and a sense of humor!
PRESENTER: Jennifer Bryan, Team Finch
ROOM: PCC, 117

Jennifer Bryan works for Team Finch Consultants, not for NAIS.

I’d have to look into it more, but it definitely seems like something is being left out of this narrative. But, in general, yeah…they’re pre-k. What the fuck are they supposed to do with this stuff and why are we talking about it with them anyway? Are we though is the real question. Was this chick trying to present how she thinks we should, is that how it’s being taught, if so where? Lots to unpack dude…to find out what’s really going on, it takes effort

You send your kids to private schools to get away from private schools?

What are you even talking about?

I don’t even understand that story. Were the parents upset that they didn’t think slavery represented the south, or upset because they wanted to pretend black people had it easy, or upset because they didn’t want to draw slaves? Honestly, it’s over my head. I wouldn’t doubt if the assignment was not as controversial as advertised.

They were upset they were forced to draw black people as slaves representing the south and white people in industrial jobs representing the north. It’s just kind of a shitty thing to do, like when a GA school made their black class go pick cotton one day at a plantation.

I shouldn’t have to worry about this in private schools. Turns out I might have to. That’s my point. I expect it in public schools. Not that it’s ok

Completely disagree. Back to attacking the source when you can’t refute that they have video evidence. I see a pattern with your arguments.

Kudos to Indiana for sending his children to private schools. Indiana exhibits a great deal of common sense. Yours truly is a graduate of a prep school. To this day, I am greatly indebted to my high school teachers. I was graduated in 1961, about the time SAT scores in America had reached their apogee… I’d like to crow about being valedictorian or even salutatorian, but bad habits kept me in Dutch with the Headmaster’s office.

Our valedictorian was a strange-looking girl with Einstein-like hair. Her name was Marian. Marian used to walk around campus with a tool belt with all sorts of electrical devices. One day, I approached Marian who had a pen in each hand writing simultaneously. I looked at what she was writing, and the texts were different in each hand. As it turned out, Marian was able simultaneously to write Latin and Greek while conversing with me in English. Marian was the smartest human I’ve ever met.

At my school, passing a swimming test was prerequisite to graduation, but poor Marian could not swim. During the last days, prior to graduation Marian entered the swimming pool and made a valiant attempt to swim. She failed, sunk like a rock to the bottom, and was fortunately rescued by a life guard.The idiot Headmaster, my nemesis who wrote a letter to Cornell negating my academic scholarship for being socially unredeemable, tried to keep Marian from graduating. Fortunately, Marian was the daughter of a prominent federal judge, and the Headmaster was soon forced to abandon his silly graduation requirement. And, poor bikki, fortuitously enrolled in the University of Miami, which at the time was like the Old Elephant burial grounds for emeritus professors of other institutions. I couldn’t have done better at Cornell than at UM.

Today, Marian is teaching at MIT, and is a renowned electrical engineer holding dozens of patents. bikki228 is a schlep who spends too much time on message boards, but has been socially redeemed many times over.

I love Indiana’s post. He’s a rock-solid rational thinker who recognizes the folly of muttonheaded liberals. Just look how the country is doing under liberal stewardhip!

I guess I’m the opposite. It’s hard to say what goes on at a fufu private school with alternative curricula, but I expect a public school to have pretty solid standards since a wide variety of parents are invested and critical of the process.

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I guess I should make the distinction between private Christian schools and just private schools. I didn’t look closely here, but I assume that these schools weren’t religious at all.

Either way, private or public, this kind of material is disturbing.