Wisconsin Assembly

Votes to pull its 10 electors for Biden.

And not a single mainstream media outlet reports it.

It goes to committee next and if it passes- holy shit is that big.

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I don’t fully understand what this means. We’re one year into the Biden presidency. What can be done at this point?

Ha! What a joke. Literally none of this means anything. Hell, these cats are about to be indicted over their fake electors scam too

What other stuff is happening up there outside of the Gateway Pundit?




Why do you guys always say this stuff isn’t reported in the media?

“Disinformation spreads quickly. Here’s what happened in the assembly tonight: Ramthun introduced a resolution with zero support (no cosponsors).”

“B/c it was a privileged resolution, it has to be referred to committee. It was referred to Rules,” he went on, saying: “There was no vote on it.”

You know why

I also love this call out:

Conservative site The Gateway Pundit reported on Ramthun’s resolution on Tuesday in an article that called the move “huge breaking news” and said that the Wisconsin State Assembly had voted “unanimously” to advance the resolution. The article also implied that the lawmakers had agreed with the resolution’s contents.

State Representative Jim Steineke, who is majority leader of the Wisconsin State Assembly, disputed that characterization on Twitter on Tuesday. Sharing The Gateway Pundit’s article, he wrote: “No, no we didn’t.”

Because I posted this yesterday and this was published today?

@Warden84 - I feel like we made progress yesterday and I want to keep that going so I’m not going to return fire like I usually would when being labeled as you’ve labeled me.

What I will say is I’ve already addressed the “fake electors” issue. I personally don’t believe it is a criminal issue.

  1. The constitution gives exclusive power to state legislative bodies to create election law, process, policies…

  2. There is precedent in past elections of alternate slates of electors being presented. This “fake” term being thrown around is highly questionable and being used to invoke a bias.

  3. I see the prosecution to be a counter measure to stop the Assembly from exerting it’s will. If any criminal activity is derived from this event, it would be this unconstitutional and inappropriate investigation into a Legislative body exercising its duty for its citizens.

Again- let’s raise the level of discourse here. You have opinions, so do I. We don’t have to agree but I’m a little bit tired of the sniper fire back and forth that gets no one anywhere.

Copy that. I’m working on it. Thank you for the consideration. I will try and improve

To be fair, fake news needs to circulate before it can be reported on.

I always love bashing them for this too. Funny shit being so paranoid all the time.

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And fringe news that is made up from the get isn’t really news. It’s a lie, vetted and then properly discarded.

This is where you and 305 are lost. The traditional media is losing its grip because people realize they lie with impunity. CNN, MSNBC, FOX all pretend to be fair and balanced but they are caught in lies.

That doesn’t mean the fringe sites don’t have an agenda. But don’t pretend that the traditional media sites are on the up and up. They aren’t. And thankfully a lot of people are tuning them out now.

How so? I know sites like CNN have an agenda too.

Yeah, no that’s not accurate. In order to preserve support for modern conservatism, one has to deny basic reality and assume all resource information is fake.

I never said it was all fake. But a good amount of it is spin/agenda driven. The folks at CNN have been caught red handed so many times. NY Times has had to retract so many articles.

They are basically an arm of the DNC and their mouthpiece. Nothing special or remarkable about them. Journalism has gone down the tubes.

There is a difference between errors and lying. If they were lying, like Fox or Breitbart, they wouldn’t do retractions. The only ones trying to get accurate stories out are the ones you’ve mentioned. The others lie outright and simply don’t care.

So only the conservative sites lie?

We are supposed to believe that the liberal/mainstream sites are all virtuous.

I realize that you used to be Republican and are jaded, but that take is pretty hard to believe.

Conservatives created their own news organizations with the express purpose of lying, yes.

Liberals use mainstream news and make decisions/policy based upon the consensus of reality. If CNN says the sky is blue and a liberal makes a policy about the sky being blue, that doesn’t mean CNN was liberal. It means liberals didn’t have to invent their own reality to approve of an already existing hypothesis, like FOX.
Yes, your party is and has been based upon lies since the 70s and created an infrastructure to misinform and justify their positions.

Fake news is very very similar conceptually to “flat earth.”

I never use the term “fake news” because it is too easy to parry.

Much like we just can’t reliably know the shape of the earth, calling it “flat” is stupid. It may be spherical, it may be round in some way. It may be a million different shapes angles, axis, rotations, etc….


Same with the news. There’s truth in articles. There’s some reliable info about all sorts of things…. But there’s bias and narrative and agenda everywhere…. And it’s JUST NOT WHAT THEY TELL US IT IS.”

It’s aways a bit different. And that’s the point you guys miss.

After 8,000 of these instances, they are no longer reliable.

Um…no. YOU’RE the only one on here unsure of what the earth looks like, thinks NASA isn’t real, we didn’t go to the moon and Copernicus and Galileo were wrong. Because you choose such overwhelming ignorance doesn’t make it a viable position to say…we just don’t know. No, you chose to be less informed than a 2nd grader, but that’s just your choice.

No, again - just like the aforementioned, you chose ignorance. You chose GatewayPundit and Lifesciencenews and the myriad of other “fake news” sites because rather than look inward, you look for what confirms your beliefs. Your beliefs, as mentioned above, are riddled with some of the most willfully ignorant positions possible.