When all else fails...They unveil..."A NEW STRAIN"

Please tell me some of you sheep are finally seeing a pattern here…I guess “long covid” hysteria was dying down…I expect in February-March we will be told these vaccines don’t combat “the new strain” …Or that the vaccines aren’t working.

And you sheep just keep signing up for more!

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Remember back in the summer when the Sun Belt and Florida got hit but far less people were dying? One of the theories that free-thinking data types were vocal about was that there could be multiple strains of this, some less severe, etc (along with possible T Cell strengthening, better treatment, etc)…Of course they were attacked as “right-wingers”, “science deniers” and “crazy conspiracy theorists”

Good times.

How dare they play the fear-mongerer’s wild card in a positive light so early in the game before the fear-mongering media has a chance to use it for fear.

I’m confused. I thought this was a Dem Deep State plot to hurt Trump. This whole thing was supposed to disappear right after the election.

Now you’re saying it will start all over again in February/March… What’s the purpose of this? What’s the strategy here?

Permanent change obviously…And you can’t be stupid enough to think they didn’t use it to hurt Trump and that it didn’t work? Even if you don’t believe they created it.

Lol “new strain”. F**k outta here

Any idea what permanent changes specifically? I like my conspiracy theories with some meat on the bone.

Elections not over

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The election itself is, though. That’s the part the Deep State needed to hold Trump down for. No point continuing it now, right?

Sure there is. Insurance policy just like Strzok wanted. If they lose, and it looks more likely today after Ga and Az news today that it’s going to happen, they’ll need an albatross to hang around his neck.

They need to continue this.

The problem with that theory is literally no one believes Trump is staying in power.

If you believe this your nuts. I’m on 5 different group chats that say otherwise.

If you mean from a leadership (elected official or government employee) perspective you might have a point but even they know there’s a decent chance.

Case in point - has Kamala Harris abandoned her Senate seat yet?

If not - why not?

I could (and do) say the same thing about you.

What is this a case for and what is the point? There’s nothing suspicious about this. It’s a regular thing.