“We’ll convert your children”

Lovely choir song. No big deal right @Canes51? I thought you can’t teach this stuff?

Love how the media rushes to protect them and not the children. Tells you al you need to know about our media.

Yet, the song only says “converting” children to promote tolerance, not be gay.

This is really your issue…you claim you’re not anti-gay, and it’s about gay marriage…horseshit. Your problem is the acceptance of gays, flat out. Nothing more.
As with most things about you, it’s based in attacking one group

@GardenStateCane it’s obvious you didn’t even read the article you posted. Like most times, you saw a provocative headline and had to go with it.

Since you didn’t read it, I will tell you that it says they were joking:

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is receiving significant backlash, mostly from conservatives on social media, after posting a music video online jokingly detailing how the group will “convert your children.”

They created the song to piss people like you off and freak you out.

And it worked. Hook line and sinker.

Do some research before posting dumb shit.

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Look at these lunatics defending the conversion of children to LGBTQ. Insanity.

Actual picture of GSC freaking out every time he thinks that the gay plague is spreading:

Imagine completely losing your shit over a joke.

Hide you kids, hide your wife ‘cause they turning everybody gay up in here. :laughing:

Why do you believe them when they say it’s a joke? Other than your grand wizard media reporting it?

Because it’s the SF Gay Men’s Chorus? And a song? What, do you think they’re gonna start going door to door like the Latter-day Saints trying to convert kids?

Don’t worry GSC. You live in NJ. You and your kids are thousands of miles away from those evil gay predators who want to infect your kids with the gayness virus.

Try not to make eye contact if you see them though, I’ve heard their stares is all it takes for you to turn gay and suddenly break into the “It’s Raining Men” song. One day you’re completely straight. The next you’re wearing assless chaps.



So, let me get this straight…to you, not hating them means you’re indoctrinating them into that lifestyle? How curious…says a lot about how you view the world.

Again, I support your kids turning gay…100%. Based upon your views, it’s almost inevitable. Get your popcorn ready

GSC clearly views this as a major health crisis.

There really is not a much more entertaining to witness than reading about GSC having a stroke over stuff like this.

Forget fentanyl. It’s the gays we need to worry about. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

His kids are going to be SO gay. We’ve all seen this before and know how it goes. One of em, for sure, is swinging both ways at LEAST during college…if not marching in the streets dressed like the Village People

But but but but

He has really close gay friends.

Wish we could show them what a shit stain he is.

Look how they get off on this. It’s a sight to see for sure.

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What could be more repugnant than attempting to turn children into societal freaks or perverts. Normal humans want to protect their children and raise them as virtuous humans who love their fellow humans without a faux sense of tolerance. Tolerating what is insane and unwholesome is stupidity, and virtuous humans, well-raised by parents,recognize this because they have been inculcated with higher level scruples.

In today’s world, it is a challenge to raise children, and children need protection from the influence of the multitude of sickos who advocate tolerating what is morally intolerable. Warden speculating about 51 having a queer child is malignant prophesy that is inherently unkind. To my knowledge 51 is a serious parent whose children are fortunate to have him as a father.

It’s a site to see you freaking out about a chorus singing a song.

That’s nice of you to say. I’d like to think I’m a serious parent (couldn’t imagine life without my kids). My kids are too young at the moment (they still think boys have cooties), so I really don’t know. If either one comes to me at some point and says that they’re gay, I’ll love them all the same.

Again, the chorus/song story was clearly meant to rile up the conservatives who freak out over this stuff, and it worked. Nothing more, nothing less.

Get off on what? Pointing out that you are a habitual liar and loser who has no moral character?

I freaked out? Where did I do that? I think I reported it and I have an opinion on it. But I don’t “freak out.” Don’t project please.

I think my statement is pretty obvious.

You freaked out.

And as per usual, you have been called out and now you can go hide like a scared kitty cat.

I’m terrified of you @djrion