Warden missed another one!

It’s always one side you miss with these man.

Every time GSC posts one of these, I’m waiting for it to be a Republican…

That’s funny- because I’ve posted about Republican corruption and hypocrisy many times.

John McCain
Mitt Romney
Lindsey Graham
Dan Crenshaw
George Bush
George Bush Sr

The list goes on.

I hate 97% of all politicians equally. Their all scumbags.

Apparently this doesn’t include trump.

Why would it? He’s not corrupt.

Lol…Addressed in other thread. You need me to count em up for you too?

If a guy is going to make an ass of himself with all of his posts, he deserves to be mocked by other posters pointing out his hypocrisy. So GSC mocking him is something we should all agree with.

I haven’t seen the threads you started about the Republican child molesters. Maybe they exist somewhere and I missed them? Or maybe they don’t.

Every child molester should burn in hell.

I don’t typically post any stories about local officials doing nasty stuff like that. I’m just pointing out that Warden, who loves to do this, picks only one side.

Dude. Stop. I’ve never seen you post anything bad about the right on here. Prove me wrong.

Then you’re blind.

I’ve never posted bad about John McCain?

Mitt Romney?



Lindsey Graham?

I can rattle off 50 more. I don’t like the GOP. I despise the GOP. I used to call them weak but now I just realize they are the opposite side of the same coin. It’s all a set up. They are placed there to placate the right wing. Keep us non-aggressive and compliant. And then they back stab us when they’re in charge.

Start paying attention.

Start posting proof.

GSC can be critical of Republicans, especially if they’re not MAGA. He just won’t often start threads about them.

Same as Warden. He’ll agree that all child molesters should burn in hell, or at least whatever the non-religious equivalent of that is.

My point is, when people post threads like this ^, they’re not doing it because they hate child molesters, they’re doing it to score political points against the enemy.

Lol full nyc mafia

He’s kidding right?

Lol…Prove he didn’t fuck boy

It’s rinse and repeat with this fucking board troll 51

Why would he be kidding?

Compared to these life long DCers…Trump definitely appears to be squeaky clean.

But the difference is…GSC’s post is to point out Warden’s hypocrisy, hence the title

We have a board full of partisan sheep asshead’ Warden’s one-sided crusade against “bad people”…They all share a common political trait.

Which is the #1 reason as to why I’m in strong favor of term limits.

Actually, I’m making the point that MAGA is filled with them despite being all Qanon