Video Appears to Show Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian Prisoner

See Bikki, GSC and Skeeter? This is called being objective.

If authentic - war crime.

Yes, this is at least the 2nd time we’ve seen video evidence of this. I’m curious is there will be an official response.

Right is right and wrong is wrong.

Unless you’re Bikki or GSC or Skeeter.

Right it right when they agree with it.

Wrong is wrong when they agree with it.

Otherwise, right it wrong and wrong is right.

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It appears that way doesn’t it. Don’t forget to add the name to whom I shall not mention to that list.

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Glad I am on the list of just swell fellas.

Since the 2020 election was rigged and Trump swindled, I think Trump’s reelection in 2024 should be for eight years rather than four. This often happens in civil court where judgments are doubled in cases of outrageous violations of law. Do you think eight years is enough? Perhaps not. Triple damages might be a more equitable judgment. Can you imagine how fried Warden and Low T’s circuit boards would be after 16 years of Orange.

Thankfully, you’re not in a position to decide this.

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Sort of like the “babies in incubators” shit in Iraq.

Anything to get us into a conflict.

When the energy is cut off to Europe, all of a sudden Ukraine won’t matter at all. All ready Western nations are weaseling around the sanctions. The most preposterous ideas flying around are about Ukraine defeating the Russian army. The Ukraine Army is surrendering in droves in Donbas, and the Russians, especially the Chechen brigades, are liquidating the Azov Nazis. Meanwhile, the world economy is in a state chaos.

Wait until the food shortages and the real chaos begins. You’re going to see food riots. Biden is so bad that the Democrats are beside themselves trying to figure what to do with the guy. The legal system takes too long to yield results. The Democrat Party is going to be hammered worse than now thought in November. It’s a party without a viable candidate. Starving people are going to cast their ballot for food and energy. Everyone can see how much better America and the world were during the Trump presidency. The future of America is Orange.

“Trump for 12 more years!”

The one on the left with a confused expression on his face and beaver-like teeth, I am given to believe is one of our own. I think it’s Djrion.


Why are you including me here?

Unless you’re Bikki or GSC or Skeeter.

Right it right when they agree with it.

This faggot ass cheerleader has no shame…Just swings from my nuts. OBSESSED

And that clearly isn’t the case at all with me…97% is gray area to me. And I’m willing to compromise on just about anything. Just cut the bullshit…Fake racism wars, ridiculously biased media, going back to unsuccessful mitigation the 3rd and 4th time with covid comedy, etc…Most of the other shit I never give a passing thought, and even lean left on a lot of it.

Because you have an inability to be objective?

I thought that was obvious.

Lol…Sure cunt

You’ve argued with me about basic math, basic English language, etc…etc…etc…

All reeeeallly objective stances. You continue to embarrass yourself daily you bratty little faggot…Nice work.

Not as much as someone who can’t provide a single time I’ve changed the goal posts - despite you saying I do it all the time.

Nice work.

I did provide them…In fact the math argument was one of them…After your finally caved in that your math was incorrect

It’s all there for you dipshit…Just go back and read.

Nope. Not once. Not a single time.

You’re lying. As always.

Nope…Incorrect. You are lying, cunt. They were provided at those times, and you were exposed

Not my job to do it again.

They weren’t. I’ve never moved my goal posts. You’re making it up.

And until you can provide me a single example of something you say I do all the time, you’re full of shit.

Newsflash - you’re always full of shit.

Well no one thinks they move goalposts…But you really make a habit of it.

And I just gave you one example above.

Stupid little cunt mfer

I moved the goalposts in this thread? What? :laughing:

Where? You said that I said something. In this thread. And that I changed direction. In this thread.

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

Show me. Liar.

I see we’ve gone radio silent.

That’s what I thought.

Radio silent? At least board moderator doesn’t like to instigate nonsense on the board. I don’t get notifications on my phone…I visit the site a couple times a day. When I have its windows open on my MacBook is when I respond frequently.

I told you in this thread…The time I introduced you to basic arithmetic was one of the times you moved the goalpost…Said it clearly a few posts back.

“That’s what I thought”!!! (said with such bratty sass)…Bitchmade little cunt. Did you put your hands on your hips and stomp the floor when you said that?