Two Leftist CRT Fails

Amidst the landfall of Hurricane Ian in Florida, Governor DeSantis remarked that looters risked being shot. At the time, DeSantis was exhibiting extraordinary skill as a governor handling the disaster. His performance however had to be diminished by leftist who proclaimed that his remark was evidence of racism. But, DeSantis never described the ethnicity of the looters, yet the left PRESUMED that the looters would be black people, perhaps since blacks comprise most of the urban looters these days. I guess these liberals didn’t learn much after taking their CRT workshops.

Here is a very interesting pie chart that BLM published. Give it a long, hard look. Then ask yourself if this chart says what BLM thinks it says—or perhaps the chart is saying something else. Maybe the BLMers too should review their CRT doctrines.

The infographic says we have a systemic racism problem in this country. What am I missing? The only alternative is that all blacks are bad.

I know where I stand. I know where biKKKi stands.

SO…first, BLM didn’t publish this. It was on Twitter under a #BLM hashtag.

Secondly, it references this location for pulling data

That data shows arrests, not convictions. HOWEVER, the #s on the above chart are fake according to the ACTUAL DATA

Under the 2nd chart…what do we have here?

You’ve been weighed, measured, and found severely lacking

No it doesn’t. Not even close

The only alternative is that all blacks are bad.

No it isn’t the only alternative. Not even close

And of course no they aren’t. Not even close


It would not surprise me were BLM to have drawn their foolish chart unable to decipher statistics. In my first paragraph, it would seem that liberals perceived that prospective looters would be black. They were probably right in their forecast, yet declaring same would be a CRT microaggression. Can’t have microaggression, can we? The liberals were unsuspectedly racist. They were probably social SCIENCE majors.

First, BLM didn’t draw it or create the chart. Again, you’re a fucking moron. You can list the source as literally anything you want…like the below


False. You cited 1 guy who said it was racist. 1 guy is not the “left.” Again, you’re a fucking idiot

There is no such thing as a CRT microagression. Again, you’re a fucking moron. CRT, as you’ve acknowledged and then ran away when you realized it, has a viable reason for its existence. You’ve acknowledged systemic racism (of course, and then ran away), and CRT is the study of that systemic racism. Microaggressions are actions. Again, there is no such thing as CRT microaggressions.
For a person who claims a background in linguistics, you’re a fucking idiot.

Again, false.

They were probably social SCIENCE majors.

While you were a linguistics major who doesn’t understand words, apparently.

Again, bottom of the barrel, old man. This wasn’t even difficult, dude. I sure hope you were more formidable in your younger days.

Warden herein is defending racism, at least as defined in CRT terms. The infographic, as Djrion pretentiously calls it, was published by a CRT adherent. The left which includes Warden would have you believe that racism though being invidious is permissible providing there is as Justice Lewis Powell wrote in Bakke, “a compelling state interest.” This of course completely negated the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment, and was a wrongly decided case tainting the Constitution. The upcoming session of the Supreme Court will restore the constitutional fidelity of the 14th Amendment.

My late wife was the linguistic major. Ph.D. Georgetown, UN Translator Diploma, English to Russian, Naval Intelligence scientific translator, and distinguished Russian emigre poet. She was a beautiful woman, platinum blonde with deep blue eyes who could have doubled for Eva Gabor. One of my last projects in life would be to tell her story. She wrote a long, 700 manuscript page autobiography that I should have edited or given a re-write years ago. The late Professor Munir Sendich, editor of the Russian Language Journal was helping me with Russian language part of her manuscript, but after Munir’s death, my efforts ceased. I have a measure of guilt not completing a task in her memory.

I pretentiously call an infographic an infographic?

Quit being senile.

These types are really doing wonders for all of us nowadays, huh?

The surprising thing is not that bikki was once again duped by something on social media. This happens every week.

The surprising thing is that he is doubling down and blaming everybody else for his being duped. I thought personal accountability was a tenet of the conservatives?

It’s a shame I have to wait until spring before you realize 305 that you have been super-duped on Ukraine. To lessen the mortality of this event on your psyche, I shall admit that I was wrong about the Russian Army. Actually, Ukraine hasn’t really seen the true Russian Army as most of the fighting save for Mariupol was fought by Donbas partisans. This too surprised many in Russia as it was out of historic character in terms of strategy. Now, that the Red Army will once again be fighting for the Motherland with the addition of four new oblasts, the Red Army will be fighting an existential war. If you read your history, you’ll find that Russians are resilient and have successfully resisted the Mongols, Poles, Swedes, French and Germans. When it comes to threatening the homeland, there will be no shortage of manpower in Russia. Further Russia will unveil a portfolio of technological weapons unseen by Western powers. Read Martyanov’s blog to gain knowledge of the aforesaid weaponry. In the end, there will never again be a Ukrainian Army and Nazism will be annihilated. Europe’s winter will be a winter of discontent and economic devastation. How do you suppose NATO allies will react with America relatively comfortable while their economies crash.

Here’s the thing, bikki. You say I’m wrong. You say I’ve been duped. But what objective point have I been wrong about thus far?

Let’s list your incorrect predictions/statement:

  • Russia won’t attack Kharkiv. (They did.)
  • Russia won’t attack Odesa. (They did.)
  • Russia will encircle Kyiv. (They didn’t.)
  • Ukraine no longer has an army. (They do.)
  • Russia has air superiority. (Not even close.)
  • HIMARS won’t do anything. (They have been shockingly brutal.)

Time and again you’ve been the one duped by Russian propaganda. That’s not even my opinion at this point. It’s verifiable fact.

Now let’s debunk some other propaganda of the day:

This is false. While much of the Donbas offensive has been handled by partisans, Russia has lost TONS of their elite forces and generals/officers. This is evident in ADMITTED OBITUARIES of Russian regular officers. What are these guys doing dying if only partisans are fighting?

Then you have the famed VDV debacle. If you don’t know, the VDV is Russia’s elite airborne. These guys were TORN APART in the opening days of the war at Hostemel Airport as they attempted to secure a foothold to sack Kyiv.

As we speak, some of RUSSIA’S BEST TROOPS are tied up in Kherson RIGHT NOW.

And none of this is to mention the Wagner Group, which are Russia’s elite “Private” Security Contractors that train on Russian bases and are supplied with Russian equipment.

Hell, if you turn on Russian State TV right NOW, they are bitching about THEIR OWN RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES. Shoigu is the current scapegoat. Russian generals have been personally fired by Putin time and again.

If the Russian Armed Forces haven’t been onvolved yet, what are these people being fired for?

Are you telling me partisans have been the pilots of the aircraft Ukraine has shot down?

Are you telling me partisans were stationed on the Moskva, Russia’s flagship of the Black Sea?

The answer is, OF COURSE NOT.

If you read YOUR history, you will find that there is NO MORE RED ARMY. And, in fact, Ukraine has just as much claim to the Red Army mythos as Russia does.

In fact, if you read your history, you’ll find that the Red Army defeated a superior force, the Germans, only with the help and supplies of the West and the US, in an existential conflict defending their homeland.

Hmm, I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that is a much better description of Ukraine than Russia right now.

Finally, Russia has no technologically superior weapons. Why do you think Vladimir Putin cries wolf about nuclear so often? Because he has nothing else.

You need to open your eyes, bikki. Europe is well covered in LNG this winter. You wanna discuss what happens over next summer and next winter, fine, but there will be no begging for mercy from Europe this winter.

Meanwhile, Putin rushed to annex regions before he was kicked out of them entirely. Russia has still not defined the borders of these annexations, because that would obviously be embarrassing if they lost territory they claimed.

And this dream that Russia will fight harder to defend its homeland is just that, a dream. Ukraine has already attacked Belgorod and other Russian border towns, and Ukraine has already attacked Crimea, which you will recall has previously been “annexed.” In fact, all Russia did with these sham annexations was weaken their claim on Crimea, their previous annexation. Now the whole world sees what a sham that was too.

The big guns didn’t come out then, and they won’t tomorrow when Ukraine takes another town in the four oblasts.

At some point you need to call a duck a duck.

You don’t understand Russians 305. We’ll see what happens come spring.

You should see pictures or videos of the Kerch straight right now…

He just owned your ass and this is all you got? Pathetic.

You are moving goal posts like Q now.

A lie

Prove it

another lie


Still time, bud. Seems like a worthwhile task

305, The West did not send a million men at arms to face off against the Germans at Stalingrad. It’s chauvinist to attribute the great Russian victories of WW2 to Western aid. Russia and General Winter contributed far more to the defeat of Germany than all the Western powers put together. Count the martyrs, then, start attributing heroism.

Legit point. Russia won WW2. Britain got MVP. We swept up

First, Russia didn’t win anything in WWII. The Soviets did, and they were made up of Russians and Ukrainians, among others.

Second, I never claimed the West won Stalingrad. But as a student of history, it would be unwise to ignore the contribution of Lend-Lease to the Allies.

In total, the U.S. deliveries to the USSR through Lend-Lease amounted to $11 billion in materials: over 400,000 jeeps and trucks; 12,000 armored vehicles (including 7,000 tanks); 11,400 aircraft; and 1.75 million tons of food.

Roughly 17.5 million tons of military equipment, vehicles, industrial supplies, and food were shipped from the Western Hemisphere to the USSR. For comparison, a total of 22 million tons landed in Europe to supply American forces from January 1942 to May 1945.
Lend-Lease - Wikipedia

So I ask you again, which of the two forces today resembles the Soviet Union in that they:
- are fighting against a presumably superior force
- are defending their sovereign homeland
- are supplied by a collective of Western allies

This is why every time you bring up WWII, you are scoring a point for Ukraine.