Do we have a definition of this beyond white grievance?

I don’t think you can sum up Trumpism in one phrase. It will just be a collection of ideals or policies that align with his politics. So populism and nationalism would be good places to start (as they hint at his policies on trade, China, immigration, etc.).

Yeah, but what specifically? I get he used populist language, but nothing about him or what he did indicates populism in practice. So, tariffs…we have that. We have the antithesis of everything the GOP stood for over the last 100 years in free trade, and them gobbling it up at first glance again proving they have no actual principles. But, that aside…what else? Seriously, beyond being white grievance, what is it? From observation, it appears to have dramatically less to do with policy than who’s taking the asshole position, and that’s the one they’re going to take.

Interesting definition when Trumpism brought in more blacks and Hispanics than any other conservative in my lifetime.

I guess those demographics are feeing white grievance as well? Odd.


Bahahahaha…Our board’s Jamele Hill said “white grievance”

Another racism expert. By the way, what color are you fuck boy?

Really? Trump got 12% in 2020. Nixon got 15% in 1968, Ford got 17% in 1976, Reagan got 14% in 1980 and Dole got 12% in 1996.
Who the fuck are you kidding? You just throw dumb shit out all the time…total horseshit.

Now let’s turn to Hispanics and Asians. Trump got 31% in 2020 - Reagan got 37% in 1980 and 34% in 1984. GWB got 35% in 2020 and 44% in 2004.

Again, you’ve show you haven’t the ability to write 10 words without total horseshit


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Not a single one of you has offered a thing beyond white grievance. Again, whatcha got?
At this point, he represents trash and nothing beyond that, and all the pieces of trash throughout the country appear to rally towards him, like the antichrist. So, again…you’ve shown to offer very little on here and I’m sure very little in real life as well…whatcha got? Nothing?


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I’m 39 shithead. Go reread my post.


His economy was the greatest ever?

He was tough on Chinese?

He brought all our over seas troops home?

His staff was the best staff ever assembled?

The better question would be, what doesn’t he got?

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By the way- 12% of the black population.

48 million x .12 = 5.7 million black people that have white grievance.


61 million x .31 = 19 million Hispanics that have white grievance.

What a shmuck you are.

Cool, fuckstick! Reagan was President in 1980 - 1988, that includes your birthdate, ya fucking uneducated piece of trash. That also includes Dole in 1996, and GWB in 2000.
Tell me, do you choke on the air sometimes, ya inbred fucking retard?

Why people vote for candidates isn’t the same as the political ideology of the candidate, you unbelievably dimwitted fuckstick. I dropped 4 turds this morning with more intelligence and character than anyone in your bloodline.
So again…what’s Trumpism, trash? Got anything?


What a delight this guy is.

Every percentage for Trump is officially in dispute because your side threw illegal names into the hat everywhere.


I’ve already demonstrated that you accused almost 25 million non whites of having white grievance.

Get back to work. This is why you’re not making money you loon.

Jeez, are you telling me even this part isn’t true?

Man, these guys barter and trade in lies.

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HAHA!!! Again, like always…you’ve got nothing, totally full of shit.

What have you provided fuckboy?

Your little bullshit white guilt theory? It’s incorrect…Move on.

Nice argument you have there, Jamele.

I type the word c**t (with the asterisks) and career moderator 51 edits…This he does not.

You’re an absolute piece of shit joke 51