Trump/Saudis Nuclear Deal

Lol…Seems like it was really top secret, huh?

If the Saudis still have the codes I hope they aim the first motherfuckin missile @djrion

@skeeter heres the part that warden doesn’t understand.

The President of the United States has PLENARY POWER on foreign policy.

Congress can’t check it and 99.999% of the time the courts, including SCOTUS, are enormously deferential to the president because of this.

Unless the president intended to harm the untied states with this policy the courts would most likely look the other way.

The constitution is absolutely clear who owns foreign policy in our government.

Which is why I laughed when Biden allowed Nancy to go to Taiwan.

Imagine letting that piece of shit Pelosi go anywhere on behalf of anything?

GSCl :lying_face: wn doesn’t care about right or wrong. He cares about sidestepping the point only in an effort to prop up his scarecrow.

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Oh really? Is that why I never got excited about Obama making the deal he did with Iran?

I’m pretty levelheaded on this topic actually. Just because you don’t understand it that’s not my problem.

Yes really. Who cares if your bafoon Herr trump had plenary power? That doesn’t mean he exercised it appropriately.


Dude - if your statement were a math problem you’d have gotten back an error code.

It’s because you have no integrity in any way. It didn’t matter what deal Obama made.

You’re supporting a President selling nuclear secrets to the same people who paid the 9/11 hijackers. But, that’s not shocking really…you support the guy who on the day of 9/11 couldn’t stop bragging he now had the tallest building in NYC.
It’s a rare thing for a person to see the bad side and choose it, knowingly choosing the immoral. You do it regularly.

Obama made one of the worst deals on American History with Iran. I was absolutely critical of it. But I never called for his impeachment over it. He was in his rights to make the deal. That’s the point.

Trump sold nuclear secrets? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s the thing, Obama made a DEAL. We voted on it.

Trump didn’t hold a vote, didn’t involve Congress at all

But he took note of his billionaire friends profiting from it

and it sucked up to Saudi Arabia after they murdered a Wash Po journalist

and then Kuschner got $2 billion, as the first investment in a new hedge fund venture with no experience and no other clients…from the Saudis

What was that about Hunter and using the big guy to secure deals from foreign nations…

He doesn’t have to.

A treaty and a “deal” are 2 different things.

Cite where they prove he sold our nuclear secrets.

Oh, it’s coming…that’s what the whole investigation is about I believe. Btw, he had to leave the golf course yesterday and was flown to DC while still in his golf shoes.
Could the indictment be coming today?

That’s hilarious. So you just accused a man of perhaps the greatest crime a public official can commit KNOWING IT ISNT TRUE.

But I lack integrity.

Kind of like how you do with Hillary, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, all of the media, all of the government, all the governments in the world, NASA, all space missions ever, all climate scientists, medical groups, vaccine manufacturers, pretty much every single individual on the planet earth that’s NOT in your hand full of rightful holders of civilization who you think are not in on one of your global conspiracies.

At least this opinion has evidence leading to said suspicion…you think 90% of the world is in on a conspiracy against you

Hillary had tons of evidence

Hunter- to of evidence.

Knock it off. This Trump thing is bunk which is why they DOJ went back into hiding and is leaking instead of indicting.

Not according to the 8 GOP led Congressional investigations and 2 FBI investigations that all cleared her.

Then, where’s the prosecution? All I see is conjecture on right wing media who’s had very little to offer but lies on every other subject

Go fuck your mother, traitor. Trump deserves to be hung on the WH steps on live TV. The DOJ is coming…in fact, Trump is already in DC today, having been swept away while golfing…still wearing his golf shoes atop his overwhelmingly obese body.

What a disgusting fat old man> Here he is defending his Saudi brethren…the same cats who paid the 9/11 hijackers?


Absolutely owned