Trump Really Reigned in the DPRK

Not that I think Biden will do much better to be honest, but let’s face it - Trump didn’t do anything either, despite what he and some on this board claim.

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Trump’s not in power anymore.

Your invalid is.

Lol…51 blames this on Trump

The delusional liberal cheerleader/orange man bad types on this board go down with their ship won’t they.

I know that, thank god.

My point is, you all have defended Trump on “reigning in” North Korea when he did no such thing.

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Is he being serious? Under Trump- NK was not only quiet, but cordial to the US.

What are you smoking dude?

This isn’t even remotely true. They continued to build weapons. And test them.

How is that being quiet?

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Because only a fool would believe that a sovereign government, particularly a communist one, would stop building and testing weapons. That’s an unachievable goal- unless you want direct war to enforce it.

The goal was to open ties with them. Gain leverage. Normalize relations. Trump did that. And that’s why Un showed Trump enough respect to tone down the rhetoric and stopped making provocative moves.

Now that Biden is in… no respect. Everyone is testing him.

What planet do you live on?

The DPRK has been doing this forever. Act like they are open to negotiations. Extend a (fake) olive branch. Agree to terms. Then, the DPRK slowly delays and ignores those items.

All the while, they’re doing everything they planned to do. Build and test more weapons. Their main goal is to stall. Over and over.

Trump is no different in that the DPRK fooled him too.

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Zero integrity. GSC is without a single shred…as bereft as any human walking

100% a liar


Trump is light years ahead of these fools in terms of how to negotiate and get a desired result.

Light years.

Yeah and he did such a great job.

That moron agreed to meet with that thug in front of the world. Why would you give him that stage?