Trump Org. Exec Just Dropped A Major Bombshell About Donald Trump In Court: He ‘Authorized’ Rent In Tax Fraud Scheme

Holy shit what a reach.

Listen- I don’t think any of this will lead to an indictment.

First of all it’s he said she said. You have a guy now who is literally fighting for his own freedom so who the hell knows if what he’s saying is accurate.

And secondly, this isn’t a first time candidate the public doesn’t know about. In that instance, I can see a lead like this drowning someone because the public doesn’t know him. Trump has done too much and has earned too much credibility among his constituents for this story to really affect him in any way.

It really screams of desperation. Notice they don’t even give a dollar amount. They mention percs that Weisselberg took but don’t mention any that Trump himself took (unless I missed that part).

They shot their shot and they are struggling to find anything.

What ever happened to those classified docs? They need to spend millions now on a special prosecutor to pretend they have something for the next two years so they can drop media stories to hurt trump huh?

You guys need to wake up.

attack the witness, under oath, with firsthand knowledge

“other people do it…”

Trump’s fans don’t care if he broke the laws…doesn’t matter which laws

Projection, quite clearly

In the story, but in the case, yes.

Deflection. “Though, the story implicates Trump, himself, committed tax fraud…it doesn’t say he did it for himself.” Yet, that’s involved in the case as well, of course…inflating wealth, etc.

You mean outside of direct testimony of the very people involved, the Trump Org CFO for decades, which implicates Trump, himself…under oath, in a court of law, in a criminal investigation into the Trump Org.

“Look over there!”
They appointed a special council to investigate the case.

“Let me play victim again”

The irony

@Warden84, are you doing play by play now?

I thought the response was so adorably transparent, I had to.

He’s a witness under duress. The state is offering him leniency if he turns.

I think you missed my point here.

That’s incredible. Trump is like Santa Claus now. He commit tax fraud for others?

Already answered.


Per the case, absolutely.

You openly support criminals and have no regard for our nation’s laws. Trash, through and through


The point is that a jury can see that his testimony is not valuable since it comes contingent upon a reward for not going to jail or reduce time, etc.

Nothing but deflection and excuses…at every opportunity, you show your hypocrisy, penchant for criminality, and lack of basic morality in everything you do.
Nothing defines you more than the words “sleazy trash.”

And he lies at every corner too

Look at Father Peter and Paul, our High Priests of Atheism, standing on their soap box pointing at me.

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Do you deny what your god does to those who habitually lie?

Much less than he does to those who try to convince people he doesn’t exist.

I’m comfortable in my position, no need for me to convert others. So again, you are flat out wrong or are lying AGAIN.

So I’ll ask you again. Do you know what your god does to people who lie their way through life? Do you even care?

Saves you if you repent and have faith.

Again- do you know what he does to people like you who mock his existence?

Knowing that you lie, just to lie, means you will burn in your hell. No amount of repenting will save your soul.

By the very definition of grace, that statement according to my faith would not be true. Again that’s according what I believe. The Bible teaches that if a man confessess his sin and asks forgiveness, he will be forgiven. The Bible also teaches that a person should not continue sinning, especially the same sin over and over again.

So which is it?

And why do you think GSCl :japanese_goblin: wn keeps lying over and over again if he claims to be christian?

This guy is in love with himself. Imagine telling someone that they are going to burn in hell and actually getting joy from it. Sick sick puppy here.

But easy to understand coming from a guy that has repeatedly called for the death of people. Evil is evil.

And invoking an entity you don’t believe in lol. Lunacy.

I’m not in love with myself. Nor do I enjoy having to inform you that you will burn in your hell. Lastly, I’m not evil and have never wished death upon anyone. But keep spitting your lies and I will keep pointing them out for all to witness, GSCl :japanese_goblin: wn strikes again and again and again as his nose continues to grow.