This is for 305 and Canes51

Genuine question here and not trying to stir up anything. Are you comfortable with where Biden is taking us?

You hated Trump, and I get it. His personality was toxic etc. But if you look at policy and the potential to get us entangled in foreign wars again, increase taxes, add government programs and control. 42 executive orders in a couple weeks and rolling back pretty much everything Trump did (good or bad).

Are you good with this? He’s not a moderate and isn’t governing as one. He isn’t uniting anything. Conservatives are getting thrown off platforms and marginalized. We aren’t united at all. In fact we are worse than when Trump was in office.

Are you happy with where things are headed?

And while you are at it…Are you cool with the Great Reset (even though they are mentioning those words very little and hoping to obtain it through deceptions, mainly covid deception)

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Skeeter gets it. This guy isn’t a conservative. He’s not at all. He is pro choice and liberal on social issues. But even Skeeter sees the danger the radical left presents.

There are folks in the middle that hate Trump, can’t stand the guy. Yet they voted for him because the alternative is so toxic. How do people not see this?

This depends on which subject you’re asking about. I’ll likely have mixed feelings on various issues. I’m definitely not a Biden cheerleader.

I couldn’t care less about this part.

The Trump administration spent a LOT of time and effort trying to erase Obama’s legacy. That kind of petty politics is being returned in kind now. Also, executive orders have been overused the last few decades. If these parties start realizing that these orders are short-lived and easily canceled, hopefully they’ll start properly legislating through Congress.

No? Haven’t people already complained about his big business ties (Warren Buffet and the pipeline)? Aren’t people worried about his business-as-usual approach in the Middle East? And with China?

If Biden was further left he’d be joining AOC in tweets about the GameStop hedge fund crisis, or joining Elizabeth Warren in talks about how big corporations are the enemy.

Sure. And then everybody realized Trump was so toxic that they voted for Biden. “How do people not see this?”

This is where I am.

This is just like 4 years ago. A lot of people hated trump. But they hated Hillary more. I completely understand that. She sucked as a candidate. Too much baggage.

Fast forward 4 years. Both candidates suck. I don’t like Biden. But Trump - as expected - fucked up so much. Nevermind COVID. He left this country at such a high temperature. We’re severely divided. 4 more years doesn’t make sense.

And while I believe he should be convicted in his impeachment trial (he wont), I don’t think impeaching him helped lower the temperature. I wouldn’t have done it.

People chose the lesser of the two evils 4 years ago. They did the same this time around.

Lol…Mental gymnastics

“Severely divided is Trump’s fault”

I realize you refuse to be smart, but tell me: what did he do to lower the temp?

I can’t wait.

Ya I don’t care about the “temp” until that turns into action and radical change, nor do I hold that against Trump. The temp is being created by one side…Pushing BLM and race wars, politicizing a virus, prolonging unsuccessful lockdowns…all in the name pushing global economy, great reset, and communism.

Trump tried his best, they were too powerful and crafty for him

All you need to know to know that Biden didn’t really win is watch how many people tell you they don’t like him but hate trump more lol.

When Trump won his base was super energetic and became more energetic over time.

There is no Biden base. His supporters (if we can even call them that) can’t even support his early policies. They are embarrassed by him.

All they point to is how he doesn’t tweet and provoke and how he’s not Orange man.

Sad existence. But these are the same people who are ok with the Republic being stolen in the middle of the night.

And…you’re disqualified.

LOL!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Uhhh…I can’t say literally the same thing about 2016. But, cool.

Canes 51

Temp rater extraordinaire…One of those temp emphasizers ya know

You can say Trump stole 2016? Are you insane?

Let’s hear it. What evidence is there?

Yeah this is about right. You don’t pay attention to anything beyond 3 feet in front of your face.