They knew it was lies

The funniest thing to me is how often the MAGA folks change their arguments.

First the Dominion machines are hacked, then they walk away. “That was never the claim.”

The ballots are fake and from China. “No one said that.”

Etcetera etcetera.

They have their conclusion at the start but they still lack the evidence, so they keep looking for it somewhere else. It’s backwards as can be.

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No it really isn’t

Where is your evidence that no one wants to dig deeper to these levels? Or that they simply cheated too effectively to be caught, taking advantage of a flawed system?

Why do you blindly believe that it couldn’t have happened?

They don’t care about the truth. All deflect and spin spin spin

Move on to the next lie

It is the MAGA way and why they are THE threat to democracy

It is.

You need evidence to make an accusation.

You can personally believe it happened without evidence turning up 2+ years and an extensive audit later if you like. But your argument won’t be credible to other people.

No different then you accusing someone of saying there is election fraud of being incorrect

Are there unsolved murders? Since they are unsolved it means they didn’t happen then right?

There’s no way you know what happened

Your argument that forcing mail in voting on to all of us was done because of 99.7% isn’t one bit credible

It is, in fact, very different. It follows the “innocent until proven guilty” philosophy of our country.

An election happened. Biden won. He’s the president. I’m not making a claim counter to our current reality. There’s nothing for me to prove.

I’m not sure if you know what murder means at this point. (Hint: It has nothing to do with being solved or not.)

Again you with nuance… Pretty dull.

It is, in fact, very different. It follows the “innocent until proven guilty” philosophy of our country.

I’m not talking about a court of law…We are talking about really happened. Courts can be beaten.

I’m not talking about a court either. That’s why I said it followed the “philosophy.”