The Short Lists (top priority/realistic) as of early June

QB Williams and ? (1)
RB Fletcher, Baxter, Hicks, Johnson (ATH), Smothers (1-2)
WR Washington (ATH), Brown, Williams, Joseph, Jean, Seymour, Fowles (3-4)
TE Meiska, Carver, Rudolph, R. Williams (1)
OL Mauigoa, Alunin, Freeling, Tripp, Tinamou, Kirkland, Burgess, Kinsler, Howland, Lew, Cline, Efobi (5)

DT Hicks, James, Leblanc, Walker, Porter, Hall, Tifase, Bain (DE) (2-3)
DE Bryant (LB), Howard, Harbor, Shelby, Miller, D. Wison, T. Wilson, Acheamopong (2-3)
LB Washington, Clark, Robinson, Lavelle, Aguirre, J.Smith, Rojas, Gullette (2-3)
CB Lee, Brown, Mayes (ATH), Jenkins, Stafford (2)
S Aguero, Bonsu, Webb, Hussey (1-2)

Obviously a ton can change and I’m doing this mostly out of boredom. Over 90% of this list claims offers. I’d say as of right now about 60% or a little more could commit at the moment. Portal will also factor in…I would think mostly at these positions (but who knows who we lose to portal)


I don’t think we’ll see any portal QB/RB/TE/S…Unless we have major losses at those spots.

Corner is the only position (maybe QB, but it sounds like Williams) where the board seems kinda foggy. Missed on top targets early and doesn’t seem like we’re hearing a ton of names.

I’ll be shocked it they don’t pull a Top 10 class every year from now on. Cristobal is all about recruiting.