The Lie of the Year

I lost a good neighbor friend of mine today to COVID. Both he and his wife got it. She was fine. He was not. He was put on a vent for over a month before finally passing. Awesome guy. Trump supporter. The best neighbor you could ask for.

Such a shame.

Trump did not cause his death. But the misinformation he and his spinless cronies spread, from the very beginning, and continues, even though it is documented that he knew about how dangerous this virus was, is why we are where we are.

Does he deserve credit for the vaccine? Absolutely. To have rolled out a vaccine this quickly is a testament to the people who have worked on its development. But his inconsistent messaging and flat-out lies leading up to, and after the rollout of the vaccine mean that more suffering and death happened (and will continue to happen) than necessary.

Trump truly could have won in a landslide. That is, if he took this thing seriously. But even now he continues to downplay it.

There was no “election rigging.” If there were, he would not have been laughed out of court in excess of 50 times (including twice by the Supreme Court) – from judges he himself appointed.

This is a man who tweeted/retweeted QAnon. This supposed huge cabal of celebrities and democrats involved in a Satan worshiping, sex trafficking group. He retweeted the conspiracy theory that Osama bin Laden was not actually killed, and that Seal Team 6 was murdered instead. Really?

I’d like to think one of the main reasons Trump lost Arizona was because its citizens didn’t appreciate him criticizing – both living and posthumously – John McCain.

At the end of the day, Trump lost because he deserved to lose. He lost because a lot of people – even those who voted red everywhere else on the ballot – decided that they were tired of the circus, and a man who is clearly indifferent to the loss of over 300,000 Americans. And while it is much slower than it should be, his GOP hangers-on are starting to realize that and announce it publicly.

The only thing better than seeing Trump lose the 2016 election is seeing him lose reelection and walking out of the White House with his tail between his legs.

He is what he fears the most: being called a loser.

PolitiFact - Lie of the Year: Coronavirus downplay and denial

I truly am sorry for your loss. I truly am.

But you just said it above. :point_up_2:

If Trump didn’t say a word you’d be upset with him. If he did everything right you’d still give him blame.

He’s in a no win situation with this virus. You know it and everyone else knows it.

There’s no way to contain a virus. Unless maybe you live on an island and don’t allow anyone to immigrate in.

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Thanks GSC. It always sucks when someone has to die this way. I feel awful for his wife and family.

That said I disagree on the above. Had he had a more consistent - coherent message on this thing, he (and we) wouldn’t be where we are. And he may be President elect right now.

Are you watching what’s going on? He won overwhelmingly lol.

This election was completely stolen.

Today Chris Krebs admitted that Dominion Tabulators were connected to the internet. He lied about that on 60 minutes. Why?

You need to wake up 51. Our government is completely bought and paid for by the CCCP.

On top of that Big Tech illegally interfered in this election as well. About to be sued for it.

We have multiple whistleblowers and thousands of witnesses.

For you to make a statement like that is just mind-boggling.

If there’s proof, present it.

If there’s proof, why have 50+ judges laughed at it?

Wake up. Trump is a loser.

51 - the fact that you have to rely on the summation of judges instead of looking at the evidence yourself tells us all we need to know about you.

Judges are human. They have biases and fears. They err.

Most of the judges have refused to even listen to the witnesses or read the exhibits. Many of them have denied cases on standing as opposed to the merits.

Please educate yourself.

You’re basically using the “97% of all scientists” argument that idiot global warming enthusiasts use. It means absolutely nothing. Well - it does mean 1 thing… that you can’t think for yourself.

See this sounds just like Fauci, and the experts, and we know different doctors even now who are telling us different things in regards to the virus. How can you blame Trump when no one knew details or had a good handle on this virus that hit this year?

Trump got more votes this election than he did last election. So not sure your theory of people tired of the show is valid,


LOL. 50-plus judges? Which includes judges Trump appointed?

This is why I took so much time off. Everyone - including judges he appointed and Barr himself - have said it’s over.

And it is.

Because he told Woodward earlier this year?


You can’t deny it. Because he said it.

GSC: Answer me this: do you believe in Q? Do you believe that Bin Laden wasn’t really killed and that seal team 6 was murdered?

I don’t follow Q. I’m not sure what you mean but believe in them.

With regard to Bin Laden I have no reason to believe he is alive.

Regarding Seal Team 6 I don’t have an opinion because I don’t have enough information. I’ve heard a story about them being executed by our government but I don’t endorse it.

What does this have to do with the subject?

And again - why does it matter that 50 judges didn’t have the courage or the morals to listen to the evidence?

And where exactly “are” we? And what should he have done different?

Man you picked up with same idiodicy you left with…What was this little soliloquy you just lamented supposed to prove?

QAnon, who I’ve never followed, says something…Who are you to dispute it? Really how do you know what did or didn’t happen? How do you know what happened in voting centers? Idiots like you really need to learn to preface things, with the words “in my opinion”…But I wouldn’t expect so much from a sheep like you.

And again…you don’t acknowledge the proof everywhere that they are counting, dying with covid/dying with covid-like illness/dying testing positive and not showing one symptom/dying after having covid 2-4 months earlier? You think the 20-40k dead in states where your democrat govenors LITERALLY SENT COVID-INFECTED PATIENTS TO NURSING HOMES are Trump’s fault? These are deaths that should not have happened, and we knew this before we knew anything about covid

Also how is Trump indifferent? Is he supposed to have a liberal-style meltdown? Or the liberal-style fake meltdown w fake tears…He has a country to run and try to put back together. Toughen up snowflake…Also what “misinformation” did he “spread”?

My god are you lost.

I have many other clear cut finishers for lie of the year…

  • Trump causes police brutality
  • Antifa doesn’t exist
  • There are 300k covid deaths in America
  • HCL doesn’t work and causes a hole in your heart (pick between the 2)
  • Hospitals are totally overwhelmed
  • Police brutality shows any co-relation at all with race
  • Trump hates blacks
  • Masks work and are working
  • Lockdowns aren’t causing a shit ton of deaths and destroying lives and small businesses around the country
  • Teachers’ unions aren’t carrying out political blackmail
  • Blacks are being slaughtered in the streets by police
  • At home learning is just as good as in-person for children
  • The Proud Boys are a white supremacy group
  • America, especially Trump, is fascist
  • Communism works
  • Cuomo needs 40k ventilators
  • Hunter and Joe Biden aren’t compromised
  • ZeroCovid was a realistic ultimate goal and the process to achieve it not dangerous at all.

Great list of lies Skeeter.

Trump indeed deserves credit for incredibly quick development of vaccine. This was truly a phenomenal achievement in the annals of medicine. No vaccine in history was ever developed so quickly. Vaccines ordinarily take years to produce. Operation Warp Speed was a giant victory for this president.

Trump also deserves credit for recognizing hydroxychloroquine a successful early treatment for Covid. I have seen with my own eyes patients who recovered rapidly within hours from the ravages of Covid. The key is early treatment. Those who opposed hydroxy are responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths. Not my opinion but that of the distinguished Yale doctor Harvey Rische who has impeccable credentials.

Condolences to your friend 51. Unfortunately, ventilators do very little good if a patients blood is incapable of taking up oxygen. Influenza which occurs every year takes a huge toll on elderly people Covid is of course worse, and yes we’ve made quite a number of mistakes dealing with it. Trump however deserves kudos not scorn. No other president could have matched his mobilization of resources leading to a vaccine. Many of the deaths would have occurred due to commorbidities had there been no Covid. Every day elderly die. The media has used Covid as a weapon against Trump which is thoroughly disgusting.

Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime. That includes Ronald Reagan. The election was a completely fraudulent. So far, the courts have not given Trump attorneys a fair hearing to present evidence That doesn’t mean there is no evidence, nor does it mean that the president’s attorneys will not prevail in future court hearings. IMO, the Chinese Communist Party is the ultimate culprit in this matter. Speaking of foreign nations interfering with America This is the ultimate example of same, and it is the greatest scandal in the history of American politics. Sooner or late the truth will come out, and I feel certain the Biden Crime Family will be exposed for all to see the specter of their enormous perfidy.

Because there’s zero proof of it - along with the fact that it’s bat shit crazy and stupid to begin with?

No, that can’t be it.

Over 50 judges. Some whom were appointed by Trump. 3 of them on the Supreme Court. Are you serious? Or wait - you must think all of them are in cahoots. This is why I stopped posting in the shelter months ago.

The reason the judges are telling him to F off is because there wasn’t any evidence presented in the first place.

People like Giuliani can have dramatic pressers in front of Bob’s Tire Repair and make wild allegations, but the attorneys arguing the case aren’t doing same in the courtroom. They know that lying to a judge can get them disbarred.

Trump knew he was going to lose. That’s why he has been setting up this “rigging” conspiracy for the last 10 months.

Let me explain it again. Half of these cases were denied on standing. That means the judges never even entertained the merits of the case.

The majority of the other judges were democrats that were biased. For instance, the 5 justices that denied PA’s Supreme were democrats.

The Nevada Judge that denied a case was the County Chairman of the Democrat party.

The Judge in Wisconsin that denied a case was a dem.

My point is - a judge can find a million ways and reasons to throw a case out. It doesn’t mean the case doesn’t have merit. Happens all the time. Go speak to any attorney.

The more political a case becomes the more unreliable the courts become. Just the nature of that business.

Then how can we ever expect a fair shake against stuff like this?

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So wait…Man there’s nothing like catching someone just blabbering and talking out of their neck…You just told us that Trump would have won in a landslide if not for his covid response? Lol…But now you’re saying he knew he was going to lose 10 months ago

Covid started in March…Some quick math…

First US case was on January 20th. Not hard to look up.