The Fall of Baker Mayfield

Normally I couldn’t care less when trades and cuts happen in the NFL but with this guy all I can think is ..“…what goes around…comes around”. .

If you remember he got drafted by the Browns and was only there for a hot minute … when he opened his mouth and started yapping about Duke not being in mini-camp …"If somebody wants to be here, they’ll be here,” Mayfield said. “You got guys within our locker room that are dying to get playing time, that are dying to be here. I get it, Duke has been here for years and I respect that but it is about what are you doing right now.”

Duke had been carrying the team on his back  and that  clown who had not done anything  starts yakking . Welp....let's see if he can cut it as a hot-shot QB off the bench  in  Carolina  or he continues to fall.   Karma !!
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