@@@ The 2023 Miami Hurricanes Signed Class @@@ (Official ESD Commitment list!)

QB Emory Williams…SIGNED
RB Mark Fletcher…SIGNED
RB Christopher Johnson…SIGNED
WR Robby Washington…SIGNED
WR Nathaniel Joseph…SIGNED
TE Riley Williams…SIGNED
TE Jackson Carver…SIGNED
OT Samson Okunlola…SIGNED
OT Francis Mauigoa…SIGNED
OT Frankie Tinilau…SIGNED
OG Tommy Kinsler…SIGNED
C Antonio Tripp…SIGNED
DE Jayden Wayne…SIGNED
DE Rueben Bain…SIGNED
DE Collins Acheampong…SIGNED
DT Joshua Horton…SIGNED
LB Malik Bryant…SIGNED
LB Raul Aguirre…SIGNED
LB Bobby Washington…SIGNED
LB Marcellius Pulliam…SIGNED
CB Antione Jackson…SIGNED
CB Robert Stafford…SIGNED
CB Damari Brown…SIGNED
S Kaleb Spencer…SIGNED
P Dylan Joyce…SIGNED

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He is on the other side of the world so he will sign this evening EST.

I was going to inquire. Thanks for updating.

Mclain the only news

Jospeh sounds like FSU

Waiting on Mclain and Hussey (Hussey sounds like FSU, but depending on how bad we want him, I assume Cristobal is working him hard, he doesn’t sign til tonite)

Hopefully McLain sticks, kind of an important piece going forward.

Rumors Jayden Bonsu may flip to UM

I have no idea if any validity behind them. But he hasn’t sent his LOI into Bama.

Besides that Damari Brown to UM is expected at 3:15. Hussey signs tonite between FSU and UM. And the McClain saga. That’s what we got as far as high school kids.

Outstanding class…Currently #3 on 247 for those who like rankings…Although I believe that is with McClain. So could be down in the 5-7 range if he jumps.

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Bumping for quick access

Maybe a mod can pin this, for quick reference organized by position?

Browns in!!!

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Hussey now not announcing til tomorrow.

Him and Mclain

I hear Hussey is kind of a slut.

Still thin at DT aren’t we? Just one DT signed. Still some work to do there.
I would like to add one more RB.
I think we are going to be solid all around on offense.
I like the LB’s coming in, seem to be big and fast.
Still some concern at DB, for me.

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Bonsu done deal to Ohio State.


Seeing that Sutton has committed any idea how Miami rates him if it’s true and there is rumors of Nyckoles Harbor possibly signing as well…that would be amazing if they can turn that one although I think it’s a long shot.

How did Harbor do in football his Senior year? Are we building him up too much because of a fast 100 time? He seems like a classic Miami bust.

2 sacks but is thin
500ish yards on O
Wants to play WR/TE.
Agree he could be the 5star bust of the class.

I don’t understand why…If I pinned this…It still drops down on the screen.

Antoine Jackson apparently requesting to back out of his intent to sign.