Taking it for a spin

Will this be the new home of Miami Hurricanes fans? :football:


Glad to be here. Been a long time coming.


Here. Thanks.

I need to add more characters

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Complete Sentence :slight_smile:


Good eve all…Thanks for the site. Looking forward to it.

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Whew! My feeble bones made it here.

Canes51 is here. I feel refreshed already. :laughing:

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I’m here. Thanks for making this happen!

Hola suckers!

getting to 20 characters :grin:

Here and excited for new beginnings!

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Great to be here. Thanks for making it happen :football: :trophy:

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Now I won’t freak out every year when m-h goes down and I wonder if I will be stuck reading through the idiots at CIS for the rest of my life.

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Glad to be on board. Now, let’s get to talking about being off for the next three weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yah, a few years back I would have mini-panics when the site would go down during a game. It seemed to be worst when traffic was heavy during a particularly bad Miami showing . :woozy_face:

LOL! Oh well. You can’t lose if you don’t play!

So happy we are migrating. Thanks!

Not that I am qualified to be an official welcome wagon, but it’s good to see you on the site. :+1:


Greetings all…is it baseball season yet?

Good to see you all again!

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sorry to complain right off the bat, but do we really need a 20 character limit?

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