Storm’s family member interviewed on CNN

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Ok, I’m not one for modding, but someone either needs to explain to Storm that he’s not supposed to post every single image he’s ever found in every single post, or we seriously need to start limiting images or something.

Can anyone be serious for a moment and tell me ^ is not a problem?

I was just thinking the same thing.




Poor guy, you watch a lot of wrestling don’t you?

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Win an argument? Dude, you still think Trump is President. You’ve lost overwhelmingly already

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What information?


  1. there is no strict timeline
  2. first term President’s don’t give a SOTU but simply address the joint session of Congress. Thus, NOT a SOTU!

It isn’t a prizefight. Stop living in Alice in Wonderland. Your rabbit hole is too deep.

“future First Lady”, he first has to win the GOP and then has to beat Biden which won’t be easy as the economy is likely to rebound pretty well over the next 4 years.

“Nothing can stop what’s coming” - there is nothing here to discuss.

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Before Reagan cut funding for the mental health services, Storm would have been committed years ago

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I attack your information all the time. I’m asking you not to post the same 5 images in every single post because you’re lowering the quality of the board with spammy memes.

Ordinarily, the president addresses both houses of Congress during the first two months, but this is not the issue at bar. The issue is whether Biden is mentally capable of so doing. His last few addresses give the impression that his mental state is declining with some rapidity, and he looks very weak and frail, and needs to be led by aides in the right direction leaving the stage.

After two months, it looks like Biden will knock Obama out of last place in presidential rankings. He’s worse than I thought he would be.

I remain unconvinced that Biden deserves to be president Until proven otherwise, that is, to my satisfaction, not what crap liberals say, I consider the election to have been rigged exactly as Donald Trump maintains.

Thinking nostalgically about the Great Trump presidency, I believe Trump will be remembered as one of the greatest world heroes of all time when it comes to preserving human life. Not only did he unleash private enterprise to come up with a manner to diagnose this virus, he put into effect Operation Warp Speed, unleashing again the innovation of America’s private enterprise sector. When its all over, tens of millions of lives worldwide may be saved due to the leadership of Donald Trump. Experts said a vaccine would take four or five years. Under Trump it was developed in nine months, and a million Americans were vaccinated on Trump’s last day in office. In my view, Trump is one of the three best presidents in American history. Now we have a complete fool in the Oval Office whose past voting record on issues has been abysmal…

No, the issue is you’re full of shit, from start to finish. Fully, entirely, and comprehensively…full of shit and you know it

Bikki posts about our savior the Lord Trump completely aware and unapologetic of the irony. He’s an expert at fishing and of telling fishing stories.

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Childish answer Warden. You can do better than that. What did some red ants get in your pants? It must grind you that Donald Trump may well be given credit for SAVING the entire world.

Fishing stories are at least are interesting. I have no interest in playing sticks and stones.

Nope, he’ll be viewed as a great American by those who most of America sees as horrible Americans, kind of like how you folks adore Confederate generals. The twice impeached traitor who’s about to now face several criminal charges will be viewed exactly how he is now…as a abominable failure in all facets, a con man, and a horrible American who put himself above the country in every single instance.
But, you’ll dig him. Klansmen will dig him. People who visit the blog you keep try and post here will love him, though those same people praise the shooter of Christchurch and Norway. They’re your people…revel in it.
The rest of us, along with history, will view you all exactly where you belong…in the gutter of disgrace.

Another hysterical and fatuous post, Warden, that ill deserves a reply.

Bikki, you are giving Trump credit for decades of research and development! mRNA research has been on-going since 1990. Viral Vector vaccines have been around for even longer. Yet, Trump made that all happen in 12 months. You are far better than to believe this. Momentum in technology is not built quickly but over years and decades.

Trump simply funded these companies to build vaccines much like every other country in the world.

Yeah, I didn’t think you would

He’s just trying to provoke. He doesn’t believe this shit. He knows what side he lays on and knows what they’re about. He just throws out shreds to see if you do or not. You don’t accidentally end up on that blog, or accidentally throw out debunked studies about Covid with detailed specifics while omitting huge parts like the guy is under federal investigation. No, he knows exactly which side butters his bread.
Storm is mentally handicapped and doesn’t have the ability to think beyond this. He’s like Warren asking about his baseball.
Bikki knows. He’s not dumb in any respect. Don’t play jeopardy with him. He’s just not being candid with his actual beliefs…instead, he throws out crumbs and giggles. If there was anyone on here that had the ability to provoke actual concern, Bikki strikes as the man not to cross. Luckily, he entertains discussion. But, I wouldn’t come between him and something he wants in real life.

Trump made it happen because of insight and leadership. Success in life depends upon shrewd decision making. Trump seized the day, and consequently he deserves the credit for the vaccine success. I don’t think a remedy would have ensued so rapidly had either Obama, who was a total failure, or Biden, an incipient failure, were in charge. My assessment on Trump pertains to living up to promises. Trump stated what he intended to do, and achieved an astounding number of his goals. I like his vision of the world. I have traveled this world, lived in other countries, but I believe we do it better and more ethically than anywhere else. If I have a criticism of Trump it would be that he brashly displays his ego. Ego is not such a bad thing. You must have a good measure of it to succeed, but at the same time, it is better to cloak your ego with modesty. Biden is an idiot, and I dread where he will lead us.

Like him or not, Trump has a clarity of thought. His recent speech was brilliant. IMO, he understands in macro fashion the biggest problems facing this nation, number one of which is immigration. Trump does not want America to go the way of Rome. If you have read Gibbon, and I am sure many of you have, Gibbon’s ultimate conclusion of what precipitated the fall of Rome was that Rome ceased being Roman, forswearing its traditional ethos that built the greatest empire the world had ever seen.

I don’t believe humans are ready for world government, certainly not the United Nations. In fact, I have serious reservations whether humans can be governed at all. It would not surprise me were humans eventually replaced by robots. Think how the environment would be preserved were the most destructive creatures on the planet were removed.