South Florida Class of 2024 top 60 recruits

New offer key…ALL MY OPINION
*- could commit to UM right now
?- Being heavily recruited IMO, but not sure if we would accept a commit
#- Claimed offer at some time, but I feel strongly not commitable/ but staff is def watching, again I may be wrong

  1. Jeremiah Smith WR Chaminade
  2. Zaquan Patterson S, Chaminade (UM)
  3. Josiah Trader WR/ATH, Chaminade (UM)
  4. Armando Blount DL, Central (UM)
  5. Lawayne McCoy WR/ATH, Central*
  6. Jordan Lyle RB, STA (UM)
  7. Amare Williams DE/TE, Benjamin School
  8. Chance Robinson WR, STA (UM)
  9. Colton Heinrich TE, Gibbons
  10. Chauncey Bowens RB, Benjamin School


  1. Chris Wheatley- Humphrey RB, South Broward (UM)
  2. Ryan Mack CB, STA (UM)
  3. Davion Gause RB, Chaminade
  4. Dylan Stephenson DE, Columbus
  5. Jacob Barney WR/ATH, Palmetto
  6. Isaac Brown RB/ATH, Homestead
  7. Jamari Howard CB, Norland
  8. Stacy Gage RB, STA
  9. James Madison WR, STA
  10. Jermaine Dalias S/LB, Plantation AH


  1. Vincent Shavers LB, Central
  2. Tovani Mizell RB, Western
  3. Larry Tarver CB, Norland
  4. Ricky Knight CB, Benjamin School
  5. Romanas Frederique CB, STA? (UM)
  6. Nicholas Rodriguez LB, STA
  7. Xavier Lucas DB, Planation AH
  8. Kevin Levy ATH, Cardinal Newman?
  9. James Randle ATH, Homestead
  10. Jayden Parrish LB/ATH, Atlantic?

  1. Willis McGahee, Jr. Edge/LB, Columbus
  2. Hardley Gilmore WR, Pahokee
  3. Earl Kulp ATH, STA
  4. Dmitri Nicolas DT, Monsignor Pace
  5. Dijon Calimon WR, Western
  6. Josh Philostin CB/Nickle, Cardinal Newman#
  7. Jimmy Williams OL, Plantation AH
  8. Jerememiah Marcellin LB/DE Norland#
  9. Zach Crothers DE, Chaminade
  10. Dylan Russell DL, Columbus (UM)


  1. Cedrick Bailey QB, Chaminade
  2. Dilleson Exume DL, Edison #
  3. Jamari Flagg DE, BTW
  4. Amare Sanders DB, Gulliver #
  5. Malik Kesley RB, Plantation
  6. Brandon Lowe WR, Edison
  7. Tycleen Luman DE, Norland
  8. Adrian Possee QB, Northwestern
  9. Gaven Marcelin DE, Belin
  10. AJ Hairston QB, Monarch ?


  1. Davi Belfort QB, Western
  2. Albert Mendoza QB, Columbus
  3. Tycohill Luman DL, Norland
  4. Mike Merdinger QB, Gibbons
  5. Michael Wright DB, Palm Beach Gardens
  6. Chanellson Exume OL/DL, Edison
  7. Allen Bryant S, STA
  8. Benji Blackburn TE, Columbus
  9. Casey Etienne S, Gibbons
  10. Eli Cannon ATH, Coconut Creek

M.Williams WR, Ely…J.Lloyd DL, Dillard…C.Malamaela OL, Benjamin…T.Short WR, Central…J.Mejia OL, Palmetto…K.Reyes OL, Central…G.Carter DT, Norland… .D.Philord CB, Norland…J.Bodford DT, STA…E.Morris DE, Stranahan…Z. Pressely CB, Western…C.Janvier DB, Chaminade…D.Mincey OL, Gibbons…Z.Boehly OL, Gibbons…K.Alexander RB/ATH, Belen…A.Bryant DB, STA…C.Lee LB, Palmetto…B.Blackburn TE Columbus…Rashard Snow ATH, Homestead…T.Shoats OL, Central…S.Miekel DE, Miramar…T.Carson OL, Northwestern…K. Powell CB, Monarch…K. El-Pascal DB, Dr. Krop…G.Modest RB, BTW…Z.Parrot DB, Norland…A.Malcolm S/ATH, PB Gardens…L.Johson CB, Palmetto…V.Evans QB, Central…T.Jackson DB, Jackson…S.Gay DB, Northwestern…J.Leon WR, Columbus…D.Gill Edge, Killian…K.Burley DE, STA…G.Theodule, CB Northwestern…D.Smith LB, Central…K Stewart LB, Chaminade…I.Aikiens Slot, Norland…G. Shepherd CB, Chaminade…J.Townsend QB, Homestead…M. Mckenzie S, Benjamin School…K.Boykin Slot, Edison…J.Dukes DT, Monsignor Pace…J.Reid WR, Southridge…J.Williams S, Plantation…R.Williams DT, Columbus….E.Louis WR, Dillard

Skeeter, who are the best OL prospects for '24 in the area? I hate having none in the whole top 20. Might we have to go elsewhere to land them?

doesn’t seem like there is any high caliber that have emerged yet

Chanellson Exume (Twin brother plays DL) from Edison is a center prospect. There is another kid from the Benjamin School.

I don’t BELIEVE there are any local OL offers out for '23 or '24

That’s one position that I will never worry with under Cristobal/Mirabal…Don’t care where we have to go to get em. See this year for instance.

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Expanded to 25…Some minor movement, and added/subtracted for some transfers…I’m sure they will be transferring again next year too lol

Expanded a little.

For those of you on CIS

The poster “lindend”…Is posting excellent starting points position by position with some names. Some hudl clips as well.

Kyle Willingham, long time coach at Utah is one of the best and most successful coaches in college football. Despite not reeling in recruits comparable to those at Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and other Power Five schools, Willingham has a sharp eye for recruiting players running beneath the radar. Some years ago he explained how he discovers unknown talent, and his explanation I thought was so cogent that I remain convinced today that its a valid formula to be followed by recruiters.

Willingham believes that college teams should be comprised of many tall, edge, LB types, in the 6’2"-6’6" range. The key element in valuation in his assessment is foot speed. Willingham wants big guys who move fast. He likes players who have exhibited basketball skills aside from football skills, certainly a sign of great athleticism. Speed kills in sports and though players can increase their speed to some extent, speed in essence is an inherited trait. Fast players also I believe think and react more quickly. Some have what is referred to as “twitch” in their movements. Certainly, there is place for the jumbo players, but even with the jumbos, Willingham looks for foot speed.

On the subject of basketball skills, I have always thought that many wide-bodied power forwards playing round ball have chosen to play the wrong game, and some have made successful transitions to football; they make excellent tight ends. To this end, I also point to Joe Burrow who was an All State Point Guard in high school It seems to me the chief job of a point guard is to distribute the ball to others, and all the distributing is done while players are in motion. A point guard is highly adept at making that pass assisting other players in scoring. This is I believe why Burrow is one of the stellar QBs in the NFL. I believe our recruiters should be looking at basketball players who should be playing football. You cannot succeed in basketball without superior athleticism.

Also for those of you on 247…They have 60 names to know as well for '24

I probably won’t get going with the defense and offense boards with until March/April like usual on here. But obviously welcome any info on early names.

Will expand this local list again in Jan/February.

Please don’t start the coaching/talent Bs again.

Non-pertinent Storm

Ya fuckin idiot

Early Look

More balanced position wise than '22 but comparable…I’d say last year’s top 7-8 was ehhh probably better but this class appears to catch up in terms of the group after that, top 15. But that’s just at a glance.

-QB-don’t know all names, but average year with q couple of g5 kids, although Bailey kinda raw

-RB Above average year… Bowens imo is the best…But 5-6 kids strong and it’s still early

-WR not as deep as last year, but still an average year by Sofla standards, and excellent at very top with 2 5*. All the big names are at two schools

-OL weak year. Will learn more this spring.

TE- none have emerged yet

DT-average to slightly below year. Multiple 240-250 kids that can take next step, so will be interesting to see what position they end up. No can’t miss at this time. But appears to be some depth.

DE/Edge- Below average at top, as usual some tweeter LB/Edge, and tweeter DE/DT types.

LB- Slightly above average year with a high 4 to 5 star player at the top

DB- Slightly above average year…Maybe a little slanted towards safety types. Kids always emerge senior year in Sofia

As of right now 12/29

The kids I believe that could commit to UM are (just from reports):

And possibly Gause, Mack, Philostin, McCoySome others claimed them last spring and summer…, but think those are more just interest, non-commitable offers. Again, it is very early, and that is just a guess. But I believe the top 6 plus /Stephenson could commit to UM right now.

Added a couple kids and updated some Transfers including a big one in RB Stacy Gage (formerly of IMG) from Tampa Wharton to STA

Bumped for update

Any 2 of these RB imo…(preferably with different styles)

It’s year of RB in Sofla

Question…Is this pinned near the top on you guys’ screen?

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Jimmy Williams of American heritage plantation wants a Miami offer and would probably commit. He is a 2024 OT who will probably blown up this spring. He performed well today at the rivals camp.