Some Stats in Biden’s America

Since the beginning of Biden’s term as president there have been 4 million apprehensions at the border. 2 million of those have been released into the country. That doesn’t count 900,000 got aways that we know about.

So that is a total of almost 3 million illegal aliens coming into the US.

An NPR poll showed that 54% of Americans believe Biden is allowing an invasion on the southern border.

This is all impeachable IMO.

Those numbers are useless without baseline data. For example, “got-aways” increased sharply under Trump.

The trend has continued to increase into the present day. Biden holds the record for the most border apprehensions ever, more than Trump.

But yes, there is a problem. I fail to see which part is impeachable in this, though.

Well, Trump attempted to make headway and was stymied by Republicans and Democrats.

Biden doesn’t seem to be making an effort. The entire world knows we have an open border and they are taking advantage.

The fentanyl crisis is a direct result of open borders.

Not to mention the 1,000+ deaths of migrants trying to cross the border.





Solid post

#1 - when trump can’t do anything, blame everyone else. He’s the ultimate victim. He’s always the victim. This is trump’s life summed up

#2 - Not true at all. How about you throw us some statistics to back up your claim?

#3 - Another flat out lie. We don’t have open border. Look at the growth during the trump presidency and his super secure border policies LOL

BTW, I’d never be stupid enough to lay the blame on Trump.

#4 - Could Be true, working on obatining actual numbers past 2017. Up to 2017 doesn’t bode well for your argument so I’m gonna guess you are full of shit and lying to give preference to your perceived bias which fits your political world view that is wrong.

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Glad u liked it. I hope that someday you will learn a thing or two.

Your charts are meaningless when they stop at 2020.

The fact is that we are at record crossings in 2022.

The Democrat mayors in cities like DC and New York are sounding the alarm.

I’m not laying the blame entirely on Biden. And I know Trump didn’t do enough. I’m not naive to think he was great on the border.

But we absolutely have a problem and it’s getting worse under Biden.

And meanwhile we worry about transgender bathrooms and Jan 6.

54% of Americans say that Biden is allowing an invasion. This is according to NPR. That number includes your Dems.

And the 1,000 plus deaths crossing the border is a real number. Look it up.

Former ice agent was discussing it on a program I listened to the other day.

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The increased border deaths just reflect the increased crossing attempts, though. It’s not like there’s a new Biden-caused problem that’s killing people. This is something that’s always happened.

Yes, it’s a problem. Yes, it’s always been a problem.

But also yes, this problem has been getting worse over the last 4-5 years.

They are not meaningless in the slightest bit. They even go back further and show ups and downs at different periods over time. Your fairy tale narrative of blaming the Other is what is meaningless.

When they are at the highest levels in history, they are far from meaningless.

And when over half the country considers it an invasion that’s allowed by the current administration, that’s kind of a big deal.

Who’s policies are attracting more crossings?

And by the way- I don’t think it’s impeachable. I think the Executive Branch can do what they want in this arena.

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You mean the crossings that began sharply spiking during Trump’s presidency?

Do you really want me to answer that?

And the fact that we are not stupid enough to point the finger at any single person and say duuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

When it comes to immigration, there are pull and push factors. The push factors are obvious.

But if the people are exiling because of perceived threat, they should stay in the nearest country that can handle them. That would be Mexico.

In terms of pull factors, it’s obvious to the world community that we allow folks to cross the southern border. I mean, it’s not disputable at this point.

It’s just obvious stuff. You guys are either here to argue or just have no clue what’s going on.

It’s just obvious stuff guys


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As usual Indiana has slaughtered the leftists by using facts. Things were much better on our Southern border under Trump. To ascertain this conclusion, one only need question Border Patrol Agents, police departments, and inhabitants of cities near the border.

Biden is a colossal failure as president, and was installed through a rigged election. Ask yourself, were things better in America under Trump or are they better today?

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