Some Guidance For Republican Candidates

The strongest issue today espoused by liberals vying for office is that of abortion. And, abortion is the weakest issue embraced by Republicans. I would hope rational humans would vote for conservatives in spite of the very conservative stances some candidates have on abortion.

I believe that abortion is a woman’s right although that right should be foreclosed by a deadline. Abortion may one day become very important is keeping the human herd within sustainable bounds. It certainly is a better remedy than famine, pestilence, and starvation. I further believe Rowe vs. Wade was defective law, and I laud the Supreme Court for its fidelity to the Constitution.

My guidance to conservative candidates is in terms of language. Leftists should always be referred to as “baby killers” rather than pro-abortionists. This language creates a grisly mental picture reminding people that abortion destroys life and liberals are then murderers. BTW, I do not believe abortion constitutes murder in a legal sense.

The mental gymnastics this bafoon biKKKi plays…

I think they should drop it altogether

They are going out of their way to lose the middle that has been handed to them on a platter the last couple years.

Too many moderates on each side, or non-partisans that vote on issues or party lines, either don’t care about abortion or actually believe it should be available when needed.

Losing battle, said this from day one.

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Why is that? You’ve literally been campaigning on it as a primary issue since 1974. It’s been one of the most sacred litmus tests in the GOP. You got it…now reap it.

Rational humans don’t vote for conservatives.

Got it, so be dishonest. That’s your advice. Super, bud. I don’t believe they’ve used that before…except from 1974 to this very day, but I’m sure to you that’s a novel and unique idea. Would you like to contribute a little more to the conversation, maybe offer a radical and revolutionary idea like call yourselves pro-life rather than the reality of being pro-birth or maybe carry around a fetus? I’m sure nobody has ever done that before…wow, you’re really insightful and bring a lot to the table. You should really send an email to the GOP advising them they are going to REQUIRE your intellect for the future of the party and the country.

So they vote for gender nonsense, dumping more money to Ukraine, BLM, etc???

Can’t wait for another pandemic like Biden told us there was going to be

Gotcha…Sounds rational to me.