Shemar Stewart Cancels Texas A&M Visit

Things looking up for the Canes landing a FIVE star prospect.


Or Deion. Lol

Texas A&M

Guess it didn’t matter

Bummed about this one but at least we got Moten….film looks pretty good to me

Not seeing the allure of Texas A&M.

Cristobal did a masterful job of almost pulling this kid back but Manny completely blew it and recovery wasn’t possible.

Still a great class under the circumstances.

Didn’t want him anyway :joy:

Will be interesting to see how many in the ATM class end up in the portal. I’ll go with 6.

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I was thinking the same thing. Will be interesting to look at the Texas A&M roster two years from now and see who is left from this class. Just so much playing time to go around.