Seeing a lot of "Modern vaxx banned " headlines?

Football weekend so I probably won’t get til this til later Sunday or next weekend.

I guess for young people, but some countries banning it for everyone? Is this true?

51? Buehler?


Are you seriously Buehlering us because you want us to do your research for you?

I don’t see the name 305 written anywhere in my posts? But since you brought it up what’s wrong with sharing research? I mean I would expect all type of comments/interest here? I figured media sheep like you and 51cunt would be all over this saying it didn’t happen right?

Or you don’t care? Which in your case is fair enough because you at least don’t scream to get a vax at all costs people like the hysterical little cunt 51 aka nole80jr does.

So did you find out if it was true yet?

No…Maybe tonite. Did you?

Maybe cunty Warden can straighten this out this issue for us in his Ali- like return to the board after a violin-worthy cunty departure a couple months back. Or maybe he’s back to doing djrion’s laundry?

I’m sure it won’t be Maddow regurgitation or left-slanted…That’s not his style. NOOOOOOOO

I’m not doing your research for you, but let us all know when you actually have something to post.

Did you do it for yourself? Or it doesn’t matter if true. And yes I will get it…Sat-Monday are exhausting for me.

There’s no need as I’m already vaccinated, but if it comes time that I’m in the market again, I’ll do research into what I think is best.

That’s fair enough…And since you don’t trumpet me to get a vaccine was why I didn’t address you in the first place.