How the last minute flips turn out, this is a very strong class. Mario is building the roster.
Another class or two like this one and Miami will simply out talent all but the best teams.

Picked up a good transfer safety yesterday with 3 years left.

Maybe Ward picks Miami, but if not, there are other transfer QB’s out there that would be good enough to do the job.

Hopefully, Jacurri Brown balls out in the bowl game and looks like starting QB material but probably not. He runs really well; his decision making and accuracy are the question marks.

Consensus since basically early season has pretty much been that Brown will not be at Miami next year, and if by some small chance he is…He won’t be the starter. He’s just the only warm body besides walk ons available for the bowl.

Aside from losing Riley to Bama, everything else seemed to go according to plan.

They almost pulled off Smith, too. He said he had it down to two schools. Miami and OSU and decided in the last two minutes.

I think some kids look at how deep a team is at a given position and have second thoughts due to playing time concerns. Miami is pretty deep at RB, for one.

Miami is getting to point where they will lose some kids because they have too much talent at position x.

This is a GREAT class, check out the national position rankings.

Still need a proven QB though.

Lucas sticking with Wisky was a bit of a surprise. The right people were saying UM there and that the mom was all UM.

I agree, greatt class…And hopefully not finished yet with Blount at 6 pm…Possibly Mincey on 1/1…And hopefully Amare Williams in February.

QB is going to be the big ??? all year long. Everything else honestly looks pretty solid.

It is being reported that, as of this evening, Smith has not yet sent his NIL to OSU and that he is still in play for Miami.

He did seem rather ambivalent in his comments after declaring for OSU today as if it was a toss up which school he chose.

We’ll see.

Yeah, a really, really good class. Great job!

You may shoot me for saying this, but if we don’t land Cam then who will it be? I feel like it’s him or bust?

Let’s just say we lose out on Ward. Is it Emory to start? Could he be a Dorsey type of guy that is serviceable and just get the ball to the playmakers?

QB, WR are my two main concerns as of now.