Putin humiliated Tucker Carlson

He can’t and won’t

His country is at war. They invaded another sovereign country. He had one of his leaders in his military turn on him. the guy stands down and not long after his plane went down. Can’t you ask him about the investigation of what happened to that plane.

??? Did you not read your own fucking words “turn on him”. He killed a traitor…He is a man of power, he had to kill him. You don’t think that man knew there was a a good chance he was going to be killed when he turned?

He is a disgrace to journalism.

You don’t know what the fuck journalism is…You are just another partisan sheep…Trump evil, Carlson evil…Yada, yada, yada…

To be fair, Fish did give a reason. And GSC asked what should Tucker have asked, and Fish gave lots of great examples.

Listen, Tucker’s interview was a giant own-goal. His popularity is floundering, he’s desperately searching for some new thing, and he thought Putin was the ticket.

Instead Putin takes control, makes Tucker shut up and listen. Tucker thought his soft balls were setting up MAGA deep state talking points but Putin couldn’t have cared less. He just wanted to talk about Russian manifest destiny.

It was not only a huge disappointment for Tucker, but a bona fide fiasco, because Putin made him look impotent and stupid.

305, skeeter is an angry person. He thinks i am partisan. Mind you i voted republican in the last election. I think Tucker had a great opportunity.

Unlike skeeter, I understand that Tucker is an entertainer. It was his decision to interview Putin and that was a poor performance on his part. I am partisan because I don’t like trump. I don’t like trump because the man is morally and ethically bankrupt. The guy is a con man. I sorry that people like skeeter can’t handle that. When he can put down Haley husband for his service for this country but this pos made shit up to not serve- then I have little to say to those who support trump.

What is amazing is we hear what a great president trump was. Really…his handling of COVID was a disaster. He tried to friend dictators. He passed a tax cut and pushed through some judges to overturn abortion. How has that worked out? I have said Biden sucks and won’t vote for him. That being said I will never vote for trump. If people who follow him want to get conned - go ahead. Be stupid. He is not passing any legislation worth a shit

305, one other thing. Skeeter only response on this site is to insult others. It shows his lack of intelligence. No big deal. I stopped paying attention to what he has said for awhile now. It’s a a badge of honor for him to call you a cunt.

By what measure though?

His interview had 200 million views. That’s kind of a lot.

He still has a huge following even though he’s not on FOX. I’d argue he’s as popular or more now than before.



Thank god I’ve removed myself from major media. I watched maybe 2 clips of the Putin interview and thought it was boring.

It’s going to be interesting to see what form media takes in 10-20 years because it’s not only Tucker losing popularity…. I think ALL journalists across the board have less credibility and popularity than they ever have.

People have woken up to the influence game.

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You deserve to be insulted…You are an absolute piece of shit. I’m not angry at all…It’s a pleasure to mock and expose someone as stupid as you.

He is not passing any legislation worth a shit

Your side passes so many huh? And how about executive orders…You know, boys are allowed to play girl sports. First week in office…Progress right, you sick fuck?

Really…his handling of COVID was a disaster

Rinse/repeat…Pure stupidity. What would you have done differently? Let me guess…You wanted more shutdowns and masks right? You fucking maniac.

To be fair, Fish did give a reason. And GSC asked what should Tucker have asked, and Fish gave lots of great examples.

Listen, Tucker’s interview was a giant own-goal. His popularity is floundering, he’s desperately searching for some new thing, and he thought Putin was the ticket.

Instead Putin takes control, makes Tucker shut up and listen.

I’ve only watched like 3 different two minute clips from it…And I’ve heard a couple decent questions. For instance about whether he wants to expand to Latvia and Poland. That’s a pretty important question right? I mean I’m not sure the answers to the interview matter, but hey we knew that going in right? Can you imagine someone answering Joe Biden or any American politician these questions you want to hear. They wouldn’t even give them the time of day. Putin is pretty straight forward from a goals/reasons/whys point of view, even if you don’t believe agree or believe he is telling everything…

From what I’ve read about the interview and the snippets I’ve watched…The interview was less studio wrestling fake, staged responses then I see with American politicians. I mean, I’m not blindly defending Carlson, I’m sure there may have been element of him being bullied that you are referring to.

His country is at war. They invaded another sovereign country. He had one of his leaders in his military turn on him. the guy stands down and not long after his plane went down. Can’t you ask him about the investigation of what happened to that plane.

This is your idea of a great, meaningful question @thre305ive ? What’s he gonna tell you….where the bomb was planted on the plane? How a murder was committed? HE’s killed how many thousands lol… We knew this going into the interview

I’m not saying this interview didn’t get views. I’m saying Tucker did this interview because his viewership was flagging. This was a Hail Mary play to get back into the national consciousness.

And it looked like it might work. There was a lot of hype before the interview, and presumably a lot of people … STARTED to watch it.

But I would wager that this interview did more harm to Tucker in the eyes of his base than it helped.

The prime example of this is how much MAGA peeps like Storm were hyping it up beforehand, and how RADIO SILENT they have been about it since.

Seriously, Storm was hyping this up like it was a big deal, and he hasn’t made a peep about it in the days since. Tucker sold something to the MAGA audience and they didn’t get what they paid for.

Tucker lost credibility a long time ago. He was fired from Fox because his lies cost their company close to a billion dollars. This interview was a joke. Tucker is great for idiots like storm and skeeter. To stupid to realize that Tucker does things for shock value. Skeeter is the perfect person for politicians. A stupid person who has zero thoughts for himself. People like skeeter and storm is the main reason why abortion should never be illegal.



Meanwhile he is the one who spazzed over the interview…Spazzed over covid…Spazzes over Trump. (read every single Trumppost of his)…And I’m the one falling for “shock value” lol

I watched like a combine 4 minutes of the interview and have maybe clicked on Tucker Carlson for a total of 4 times and 10 minutes in the last year or so

Can’t make this shit up. He is a borderline fucking retard, and a very emotional one at that. Just typing words and letting his emotions unravel

Can’t argue with this.

The sovereign country (Ukraine) had a scandalous election thanks to the CIA. No way, Russia was going to put up with a monstrous army on its Southern border. Ukraine violated the Minsk agreement, and was about to send its army into the Donbas to turn ethnic Russians into compliant Ukrainians. Putin however preempted the Ukrainian massive plan to subdue the Donbas unrest by invading Ukraine.

Americans do not understand Russians. Russians believe that Ukraine rightfully is part of the Russian sphere of influence inasmuch as it was in Ukraine that Russia was invented when St. Cyril and St. Methodius introduced written language to primitive people living in Kiev. Kiev is where the concept of a united Eastern Slav government developed.

The majority of Russians perceive themselves as Europeans not Asians. They have a fundamental desire to be a Western nation, but they are faced with a radical Russian abhorrence led by the United States that dates back more than a century originating with the advent of communism. IMO, the enmity toward Russia has not been deserved for more than two decades. Under Putin, life in Russia has improved remarkably. Though Russia is corrupt, its corruption is dwarfed by that of Ukraine. What Russians fear is similar to what we feared when we faced down Castro and the Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early Sixties. Russia will not tolerate a huge Ukrainian Army and more NATO on its Southern flank. The Russian people despise NATO which they perceive as a threat to their sovereignty. Were Western leaders intelligent, they’d disband NATO and deal with Russia as a friendly nation which would not only create pan-European harmony, but would be of great benefit to the European economy.

Plain and simple, there is no conceivable way Ukraine can defeat Russia. Using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia is one of the stupidest things our nation has done in recent history, and it is immoral. IMO, there would be no war in Ukraine but for Biden’s stupidity, arming Ukrainians who are for all practical purposes committing suicide. Russia will never pull out of Ukraine short of unconditional victory, meaning hundreds of thousands Ukrainians injured and killed, and their nation physically torn asunder.

Most Americans have not read what Putin has written, and though a former KBG leader, Putin is a rational leader and deserves the respect he has earned with the Russian people. Pushing Russians into the Chinese orbit of influence is the stupidest strategy of all. Putin has no intention of invading Western Europe or even the former countries of Eastern Europe excepting Transnistria and perhaps Gagauzia which are regions of Russian speakers living in Moldova, the poorest nation in Europe.

This is true. Also, most Americans don’t want to watch a 2-hour fluffer interview about Russian exceptionalism.

If only the Russian Federation would stop threatening as much, hmm? At some point you have to wonder if they’re bringing it on themselves.

The concerning part is you don’t even pretend to hold any value to the rule of law. “He was a man of power, he had to kill him.”

Pretty wild words to justify murder. See, “we” in a civilized society typically don’t want dictators who murder without being beholden to any kind of rule of law. Of course, that’s just a single example of how the guy you’re defending has murdered any opposition like opposing politician Boris Nemtsov, investigate journalist Anna Politkovskaya, how he poisoned Alexander Litvinenko. in London, and the list is quite long.
That, too, is coupled with the imprisoning of dissenters like the 102 people held in Russian prison for expressing their political beliefs. From poisonings to shootings to falling out of windows and plane crashes for political enemies…you’re welcome justification is a bit concerning.

Right, right…says the guy justifying a dictator murdering dissenters bc he’s a “man of power.”

I didn’t justify any killing

The point is we know what he did going into this interview. It’s a war…He was betrayed…What’s supposed to happen there? And what good would asking him that question do?

Also…The guy he killed was Mother Theresa I’m sure.


Well, if they are a nation of laws, he’d be arrested and tried.

Holding him to any standard accomplished in modern society as opposed to a blindly accepting what he did as normal behavior. Maybe asking him about any of the dozens of murders, poisonings, people being thrown out of windows, etc., might lend more to informing out idiot citizenry who (from the right wing) are idolizing a dictator as somehow their savior and a better place to live.

Maybe journalistic integrity might lend to asking about how only 3 religions are legal in Russia and if you belong to another sect, they can simply arrest you for thinking differently. Maybe journalistic integrity might have you ask about jailing dissenters indefinitely. Maybe if evangelicals knew that evangelism itself is illegal in Russia if you’re in a religious minority (Yarovaya Law) which would include themselves.

You know…basic journalism. You don’t think that’s worthwhile?

Warden, skeeter will try and insult you. He is a little man who has no thoughts of his own. He sits there and tries to justify these other idiots for justifying a murderous dictator. Putin is a horrible human being but since skeeter has never met the guy personally and republicans now think he is a friend of the US - skeeter agrees. Skeeter is the reason why republicans are no friends of education in this country. Stupid people like skeeter can be controlled.

Just wait he will call me…fill in the blank. He only knows one word.