Pre-Start Outlook

Miami has been very deliberate, which was mentioned as the future approach under Coach Diaz (Class of 2020, different for obvious reasons). Miami doesn’t want to play the decommitment game, and some early attention is spent on weeding out kids that are looking for a payroll school.

From this June 1 BBQ onward, the verbals should start to roll.

Some thoughts shared:

Offensively, with Jacurri Brown on-board, the priority has to switch to tight end; and they have both their top targets (Helms, Skinner) coming for officials. RB/WR were reloaded already. The search for linemen continues, and I’d expect new names. Armella is the local name, Hood is the loudest out of state name.

And that leaves the spots to a defensive heavy class.

I’m hearing the argument for Wesley Bissainthe as the most important recruit; and the roster is weak as shown by Jennings making it on the field here. That said, Chase Smith, last year’s most underrated recruit, has that special look. Flagg showed promise. Size doesn’t bother me with Troutman. Cave may follow the path of Huff with big upside, but needs the mental game. Bissainthe would be welcomed, and the intriguing prospect that Miami is gaining with is Nebraska’s Devon Jackson, who can absolutely fly for his size.

As a result, in my view, the weakest spot is still Rumph’s mess. Stevenson will be a one and done, Couch is okay, but is that traditional nickel back. No feel for Clarke or Dunson, but if they don’t overtake Ivey, the hopes start to fade. Of couse, Miami and Jacolby Spells sounds like a match, and when watched his tape, this is a mid-range SoFla recruit becaoe of lacking prototype hype until he’s called on draft day in a couple years. And I’ve long felt that Robinson was going to pull in Khamauri Rogers. The other hot name is Chris Graves, and he’s a repeat of Malik Curtis, but I don’t have a problem with bringing in NFL speed to figure out how it can help. Also, I believe there will always be a striker in the class, and sounds like Jordan Allen could be legit for Miami.

Finally, if I asked which End has the most attention, I’m thinking the vast majority would say Shemar Stewart. But I received a different answer when asked; it was Nyjalik Kelly. The reason is scheme match where Miami thinks he’s the Diaz, pin the ears back edge attacker. That same view is why Dante Anderson is viewed favorably. Whereas Stewart, who still has that James Williams at-home feeling for me, has a growing “moving inside” projection, and that means 3-4 End match if he wants to play outside. The real surprise has been the growing interest from Kenyatta Jackson, which I believe to be more lack of serious attention from the payrolls as much as Chaminade influence. Eitherway, Kelly +1 and Miami has done well, Kelly +Stewart and Anderson and its the next wave.


Speaking of James Williams, where does he end up? S, Striker, DE?

I’d vote Striker

Just realized I didn’t talk DTs, but isn’t it assumed that getting Lyons and Tarber is the plan?

Quentel Jones welcomed as well.

Haha…I made this exact post on CIS!

Take 3 if it’s those 3…And I hope they are the top 3 targets.

Well maybe not now that Bear Alexander is in the convo.

Seems like these are the DT tackle names, listed in tiers by my best guess… (listed as 1 tech or 3 tech)

Alexander (1 or 3)
Lyons (3)

Tarber (1, may be top tier as well and I’d have no problem with that…Having trouble gauging where he’s at on UM’s board. Hope it’s near the top)
Q.Jones (1 or 3)
Durant (3)
J.Phillips (1)

Wyche (3)
K.Thompson (3, not sure if still on radar)