It’s curious, but it appears that right leaning folks have dramatically less ability or integrity to criticize their own as left leaning folks…that’s my hypothesis. To this day, we have GSC defending every overt criminal act by Trump you can name. We have Bikki spewing lie after lie, a typing bobble-head regurgitating OANN talking points without any shame whatsoever. Right wingers talk about a global cabal of child trafficking elites who eat children for Adrenochrome or some shit, and then we throw out a myriad of Republicans being arrested all the time for molesting their children or children of others…nada. Doesn’t even phase the narrative to them.
There appears to be literally nothing the GOP can do that would make any of these cats criticize them. Russia has been our enemy since the late 40s, but ask a Republican today and they are the model, more trusted and supported by the GOP than our own country. They criticized Obama for allowing Russia to invade Georgia, but now those same people are willing to give the entire eastern bloc to Soviets. Yes, Soviets…they wore the Soviet jerseys and want to take back the Eastern bloc, so they’re Soviets.

Al Franken acts like he’s grabbing a boob in a picture on a comedy tour, we throw him out of Congress. He bails. Republicans literally run felons and not a word.

It’s pretty obvious who’s partisan sheep. Do any of you have the integrity to criticize literally anything by your party?

Except there is no “overt” criminal act that you can reference. Only your opinions. Which makes the point moot.

Exhibit A

The biggest indicator is how many conservatives think Trump is Great with a capital G. More than one has said the best president ever. I’ve seen a couple of comparisons to Jesus, no lie.

I don’t think there’s a single liberal here who proclaims Biden the Best President Evar or anything like that. There’s no cult of personality going on.

(Which isn’t to say that both sides don’t have their idealogues…)

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LMAO 305, could anyone love Biden?? The comparison is idiotic. Try Obama.

Folks worshipped that dude. Worshipped him like a god.

I don’t like Trump that much and have stated that many times.

I don’t love either party but we are stuck with two options. All politicians are crooked to some extent.

But it pressed to choose, and we have to, I’m going R 100/100. Easy choice.

No- my statement is OBJECTIVE.

Trump has never been indicted on a criminal charge.

The impeachment charges concluded in acquittals.

Your statement is opinion. Unless you can prove otherwise.

Zero integrity defines your being as much as you breathing air does.

I did like Obama. Some of the policies I didn’t agree with, but I could understand why he did it. He was playing Jackie Robinson. As a person, I think he’s the most standup and respectable President we’ve had in my lifetime.

I agree it’s laughable. I also think it’s laughable that anyone could love Trump.

Probably a better 1-on-1 comparison, but Obama had plenty of supporters who were critical of him. I agree he had his superfans, but i don’t think it comes close to the Trumpers.

It’s completely understandable when you analyze the America First platform.

They love the policies and put up with the BS because of it.

How many people in this very forum have testified to that?

With Biden there is NOTHING to like.

Weakness, incompetence, Senility.

Thrills threat.

Look at how disingenuous GSC is.

He says:

They love the policies and put up with the BS because of it.

But then:

With Biden there is NOTHING to like.
Weakness, incompetence, Senility.

Shouldn’t Biden supporters be allowed to have the same answer? They like the policies and put up with the other BS?

Listen, it’s okay if you’re into the America First platform, but I’m talking about people who love Trump to the point that they’re not able to be critical of him. You are not counted in this group because you understand Trump’s failures.

100%…. What policies do you like?

I’m a general fan of:

  • Build Back Better
  • supporting/possibly expanding ACA
  • offshoring penalties
  • raising corporate taxes
  • getting out of the Middle East

But my opinions aren’t as important in this discussion since I’m not a huge champion of Biden.

This ain’t a policy- it’s a fucking slogan :joy::joy:

This is really light though. Is this all you like?

But you approve of going into Ukraine? Am I reading this right?

I’m referring to the bill you nitwit. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Build Back Better Act - Wikipedia

If you call healthcare and the economy light, then yeah. To me those are the 2 biggest issues to everyday Americans. You may disagree.

Partly. I’m not sure what “going into” Ukraine means to you. As far as I know, we are not putting boots on the ground in Ukraine. Is that what you mean?

Lol wut

Agree to disagree

Well, GSC hedges a lot. So while he does like a lot of things about Trump and probably believes Trump is the best president of his lifetime, GSC will admit to a lot of the man’s faults. The thing with GSC is he just looks the other way and says the faults don’t matter, or they’re outweighed by the good.

But as far as partisan devotees go, there’s nothing special about that. In fact, it is so boringly ordinary and expected, and I’d say lots of presidents have such fans.

For my point about Trump is he has a host of legitimate zealots who believe he can do no wrong. that’s unhealthy.

I don’t disagree with this.

I think the partisan divide is so great that folks pick a team and ride or die with that team. Then you have a personality like Trump and it goes on overdrive.

We also live in a culture where no one can admit they are wrong. Trump was one of those folks and it drove me crazy.

But regular, ordinary Americans hate to own up to the fact that they are wrong. And it really fuels more of the divide.

I also think that the media divides us on purpose and loves to see the partisan sides go at it.

Very well said.

Yup. And the thing of it is, the more we fight, the more entrenched in our positions we get. It’s why I’m against the two-party system.

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