Panthers promote ex-LB Dan Morgan to GM position

Yay !! Let’s hear it for the good guys ! Frank Gore is also in the 49-Niners front office so it llooks like sometimes good things do happen to good people.

Despite my hatred for ESPN …gotta admit that this is one hell of a good article on Gore.


Heh !

Interesting article.

I distinctly remember Frank Gore’s first year as a Hurricane. Fresh out of high school, he had both speed and twitch, and he was truly special. Had he retained those freshman skills that were tragically impaired by knee injuries, he’d now be compared with Barry Sanders. He was far and away the best RB on the team that year, and I thought he’d break every team rushing record during his career at UM. But then he was injured.

Gore’s injury was reported as severe. Many expected he’d never recover, but it was here that we as fans got a glimpse of Gore’s determination to play football. I think the article interprets well his mental strategy in dealing with infirmities, playing in pain much of the time. No doubt that Gore could well be described as the greatest warrior in the history of NFL RBs. He had a lengthy and magnificent career in spite of constant adversity.

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First time I saw Gore was against West Virginia. He took a handoff and went through the line of scrimmage like something I have never seen before. This was before he was ever injured. He is the best back I saw play for UM and they have had some great ones.

Gore was a force of nature. It was too bad he got injured because his college career could have been legendary.

That said, he’s a legend despite his setbacks. That says a lot.

16 YEARS as an NFL RB is something that is just damned hard to wrap your mind around . Even some of the best WR’s, TE’s and safeties tap out before that number.

He was shot out of a cannon…Loved that TD Run. I went nuts.

Dude, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore and Willis McGahee. Has there ever been as terrifying a backfield ever in the history of football?


Four of those guys played in the NFL, and 3 were pro-bowlers


The one right before them of Edgerrine James, Najeh Davenport and James Jackson was close.

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A name that we tend to forget : Donnell Bennett.