No SEC Team in Final Four?

Even though Alabama defeated Georgia for the first time in 30 games, it might not be enough to propel them into the Final Four. FSU is undefeated and won its conference championship. While I think Alabama would defeat FSU, the Tide lost to Texas which will as conference winner likely be in the Final Four. Sort of strange that the winner of the toughest football conference will not be included.

If I had to call it…FSU gets left out. I don’t think they should, but that’s my guess.

I believe Bama will be in no matter what

The SEC is the toughest conference most years. That being said the SEC was not even close to what they have been in years past. Did anyone watch the game yesterday with UGA vs. Alabama and say wow these are two great teams. Alabama quarterback is not very good. Their defense while good for most teams standards is not where Alabama was during their recent great streak. Georgia played no one this year. They go into the SEC title game with Mims hurt, Bowers basically 50 percent, one WR out and their other WR limping. Georgia would lose in this version of itself. Texas beat Bama straightup on their turf and the game was not really close. They deserve to be in. As for FSU they have an elite defense and went unbeaten. It should mean something.

I think the Final Four should be UW, Michigan, Bama and Texas.

The committee can’t ignore UGA losing to Bama and FSU looking not so great the past two weeks without Travis. Louisville was clearly overranked given how poorly they played in their last three games; edging 7-5 Miami, losing to 7-5 Kentucky and looking awful against FSU in the ACCCG (which also looked pretty awful).

FSU deserves credit for going 13-0 but they are probably the most unimpressive undefeated team that I can recall. Even with Travis, they just barely squeaked by some pretty mediocre/bad teams (including Miami).

The playoff system was supposed to end the arguments but all it really did was change the arguments somewhat.

it took damn near 25 years but FSU finally got back that karma for going to the title game vs OU instead of us. f*** em

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Really? And that’s really fair to the kids they have now?

For the record, I never thought what Biki thought. No way I saw the SEC being left out entirely.

So of these four, who do you all like? I wonder if Alabama can keep three point winning these games to a national title. While not having UGA and Ohio State I think helps them as they have similar rosters, they do face potentially better QBs in these games than they have this season, I think. I’m tempted to go with Washington to take it, then Texas if they beat Washington. I’m just never sold on the Big Ten. Great PR departments, lots 'o cash, not great football teams at the end usually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: