More proof he loves his country

And he did this to save his country.

Former President Donald Trump lost close to half of his wealth during his time serving as president.

Trump left office with a net worth of about $2.5 billion, down from $4.5 billion when he announced his candidacy for president in 2015.

Trump was no. 121 on Forbes’s list of wealthiest Americans when he entered office. He saw his net worth fall from $3.1 billion in 2019 to the current $2.5 billion amid an economic recession brought on by government lockdowns that severely hit industries where Trump held many assets.

Oh my god. You believe he “sacrificed” this for the country?

Are you crazy? No, wait, don’t answer that.

I can’t believe you just posted this.

This stupid idiot craved the presidency to MAKE MONEY. And he definitely took advantage of it. With his 300+ golf days and making his staff stay at his places and all. His ignorant supporters say he’s a hero for foregoing his presidential salary…while ignoring how much money he spent on the other side.

Here’s the truth. If Trump is worth less than he was before he took office - it’s because of HIM. His behavior, his actions (and inactions).

4 years and 2 impeachments later - there’s a reason he’s radioactive.

Stop trying to make him out to be some martyr. He’s not.

He’s an embarrassed embattled idiot hiding in south FL.

Then how did he lose 2 billion? You’re not making sense.

I’m making plenty of sense. If he did lose any money, it’s because he sucked as president and no one wants anything to do with him. NY pulling all his contracts. The PGA saying they won’t hold a tournament at his course.

Forget about what you believe to be right or wrong. Businesses don’t want anything to do with him because he’s too polarizing.

He’s like the supernova of Tebow and Kappernick. Are they good? Maybe. But they don’t want the fucking circus.

And that’s what Trump is. Elect a clown, expect a circus.

If you feel bad for him, I’d tell you to donate him money to his cause. But I’m sure you have, and I’m also sure it won’t go towards what he says it’s intended for.

But you already gave him money for TrumpU, so congrats - you let him steal from you twice.

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He never makes sense…What the fuck is this madman talking about?

Listen to the anger and hate coming to a crescendo as his post goes on…He’s an EMBARRASSED EMBATTLED, lol…Awful proud of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, AOC, Mayor of Portland, Kamala fucking Harris…Those are the good guys huh?

He calls Trump radioactive…Radioactive is a good thing when you are up against what he was up against.

You are making GSC’s point for him you absolute idiot.

And that’s what Trump is. Elect a clown, expect a circus.

Yup should have elected another politician huh?






This is a curious statement coming from you.

51 hates the fact that this happened to Trump because remember when he went around talking about how Trump is profiting off of his office. About emoluments… about deals with Russia and China? Well this runs counter to all of that.

It proves that 51 is a conspiracy theorist.

Dude, you suck at telling time.

Trump raised more money for himself than god while in office, including what, close to $200 million for his “defense fund?”

Now he’s out of office. What he says and does doesn’t matter anymore, and people are walking away.

As they should.

Funny side story, Dude comes from Doddle and was used as a term for city slickers that came out west to work ranches (city slickers). Thus Dude Ranch! Dude is 400 years old and only recently was used by surfers when talking about non-local surfers (city slickers).

Now for the proof-
I do not doubt that Trump loves this country. He may not love all the laws and rules but he does love the country. He also loves himself and the dollar potentially more than this country. Can’t fault him for that as we are genetically built to protect ourselves over others at all cost.

GSC’s point- Trump was willing to give up billions by alienating some of his core business consumers.
51’s point- Trump went further than he had to which is what cost him 2B and he cost tax payers more than the normal president by forcing government employees to stay at his properties at a cost to the tax payers.

Both are valid and truthful statements.

Trump did a ton of things “wrong” based on political norms but that is also what endeared him to the masses who have grown tired of Washington politics. Trump likely never makes it to DC if Congress had term limits as one of his key talking points was DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Forbes Net Worth (which may not be very accurate, but it’s what this entire thread is based on):

2015: 4.5 b (announced candidacy)
2016: 3.7 b (assumed presidency)
2017: 3.1 b
2018: 3.1 b (finally stopped the bleeding)
2019: 3.1 b
2020: 2.5 b (covid downturn)

I don’t know if we really have enough data to say anything one way or another, but it’s clear, after the initial campaign, that Trump wasn’t bleeding money due to the presidency.

Another consideration is that net is different from gross. We don’t know how much the president made and lost, and what he lost due to normal business, to covid, versus the presidency.

I would say the biggest eye opener is that, as a real estate business, the numbers would concern me. Over the past 4 years, real estate has appreciated. Perhaps COVID has had some kind of effect on his commercial properties but these numbers should have went up just from valuations.

He lost a lot of money. True outsider. Real patriot that put his country first… even above his own family.

The vast majority of Trump’s income is from commercial real estate. A distant but significant 2nd are his gold courses. It’s not hard to imagine those suffering due to covid.

I don’t see how making less money makes him a patriot, though.

As a real estate investor myself, I’ve spent a ton of time reading and can 100% confirm that COVID has had a massive negative impact on commercial properties and a massive positive impact on residential.

  1. Hotels- no business
  2. Offices- very few are working at offices during the pandemic
  3. Most entertainment businesses closed and lots remain closed: covers meals, movies,…
    I likely could name a bunch more.

Now people that have left the cities that have high rent apartments can move to the burbs and afford to buy houses. FEDs dropping rates to 0% is yet another reason for the boom.

Fast forward to 2023, will these people leave the burbs to head back to the big city? (likely depends on the city and profession) Will companies require in-office work? (likely depends on the company/profession) Will people be able to travel? (Yes)

Thus, Trump is likely seeing massive losses of revenue and wealth in the short term BUT should see massive upside when people start to travel again and want to stay at hotels, golf at top courses… Yes, he did burn some bridges pretty badly with the last 2 months in office BUT I bet over time his 50-60M loyal fans will more that help him recover the losses from COVID. Furthermore, it is hard to be CEO and President so I’m sure there were some cases that the Trump organization was hurt by him not being 100% involved.




He did this because he’s an egomaniac who looked to make more money for himself while using other people’s money (taxes) at the same time.

But lost it instead? Think about what you’re saying.

If his goal was to make money then your theory falls flat on its face because every strategy he took flew in the face of that.

Uhh, no. He lost his own money because he sucked at being president.

He spent other people’s money flying on Air Force One to play golf every weekend.

Donald Trump created more wealth than any president in history. He did not create Covid. .His reaction to Covid was laudable. Operation Warp Speed would not have happened under Obama. Trump’s loss was due to the crippling of his industry by Covid. Trump already won the case in the courts pertaining to emoluments. Biden is busy now wrecking America. Keep watching the economy. Watch the discord build. Are we headed for a real estate crash? Watch Bitcoin and Etherium. How do you explain their skyrocketing.

BTW, I just sold my home on Pensacola Beach. I don’t need 6,700 sq ft and a 50 ft swimming pool. Nothing like owning real estate. I made a 7 figure profit on the sale. Now I’m living in my 750 sq ft camp down on the bayou with the Red Necks in Alabama, however, I am building a new home on Pensacola Bay. It will be 1,200 sq.ft built on cement piling, cement walls, all garage underneath, totally solar powered. It will also have an elevator.

To avoid Biden taxation, I am planning to start a non-taxable charitable foundation on the order of Goodwill Industries. I will title assets to the foundation, give myself a pittance of a salary, and an unlimited expense account. I plan on being proclaimed a philanthropist and social justice warrior. Liberals will be fawning over me. It has been nice knowing all you conservatives; I will become a progressive, rub shoulders with all the reverends and not worry about pesky things such as taxes. Actually, I am lying, but the thought intrigues me. Maybe Mark Twain was right about telling lies.