More Biden racism

Just in case you can’t open…

This guy is a straight up klansman.

Yeah I’m sure 100% of the KKK - including David Duke - voted for him.

You’re right. He should send ‘em all back to where they came from. Those shit hole countries.

Are you ashamed you voted for an open racist?

Imagine thinking this is racism and comparable to what Biden said?

One stupid, desperate mfer


How about I ask you the exact same question about Trump and we answer at the same time. Go!

I’m ashamed that our country can’t find two better humans to run for President. While we are at it, I’m ashamed our Congress doesn’t represent the citizens.

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What’s funny about this statement is that Biden, the “open racist” has the most diverse cabinet in history while he defends Trump who had a fraction of diverse cabinet members.

But don’t let facts get in the way.

Sometimes I get random thoughts that hit my brain. Today it was this one:

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

Why does Jesus say this 51? Does this only apply to charity? No.

Jesus is saying that moral choices must have the correct intentions in order to actually be moral.

So if you give to someone with the intention of having others “see it” so that you can gain something from it (credit, power, a tax break, etc…) it just may not be moral any longer.

Same situation applies here. Biden appoints a cabinet in order to be SEEN as a man who values diversity. But all his life he’s done the opposite. Every opportunity he gets he slams blacks and minorities with bigoted words, actions and policies.

I love when god gives me a random thought. I never know where it’s going to lead but it always leads somewhere. Thank you for being the target today.

HTF do you know that this is true?

So…based on this logic Trump is at least as racist, if not more so, because he didn’t even make an effort to diversify his cabinet.

I can hear the sobbing coming from the northeast from you about the fact your boy lost. Bigly.

Ye shall know them by their fruits

Biden has done nothing but enact injurious legislation for blacks in his political career.

He has multiple statements of bigotry.

He literally has used the N word in open public (I don’t care what the context is… if Trump did that under any circumstance you’d hang him for it).

LOL. Trump has said blacks were lazy.

Don’t sit there and act like Trump is some beacon of diversity. He’s not.

you were saying?


shimmy shimmy coco pop

Are we really going to debate and discuss which of the two is more of the racists? Both are old elite white men that have said more than enough to show they really don’t care all that much about minorities or citizens for that matter.

So what you’re saying is this is the same thing as Trump donating his presidential salary to charity?


Yea- sure. When have you ever seen me make a big fuss about his donating his salary? Is it nice? Yea. Does it make him something special? No.

If he didn’t do it, would they have filleted him? Yes. It was a strategic thing. I never looked at him as a martyr for it.

No they wouldn’t have. I didn’t even know that was a thing when he did that.

Stop making him out to be a martyr.