More About the Chauvin Trial

I have watched the entire trial of Derek Chauvin up to this point in time. To this end, I offer my opinion of the proceedings.

The State made a fine opening argument, right away playing the ugly tape of Chauvin pinning the handcuffed Floyd to the ground with his knee. Testimony from other police was cogent evidence that Chauvin used excessive force on Jacobs.

The response by Defendant’s lawyer Nelson was acceptable. He did nothing wrong, however, it surprised me that he focused, I think prematurely, on the standard of reasonable doubt. In my opinion, he should have declared forthrightly that the evidence will show that Mr. Chauvin is not guilty of all charges against him. Nelson did not make any grave errors, what he said was factual and concise. His trial performance did not evince much charismatic allure.

Today my opinion of Nelson increased substantially, so much so, that I believe he will win the case. His cross examination of a state witness was so successful, the witnesses testimony seemed as if he was a paid expert witness for the defendant not the state. Incredibly damaging to the state’s case is the witnesses agreement that when shown from various angles, Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder and did not impinge his neck. Nelson did a masterful job of extracting admissions from the witness that will be, I think, insurmountable for the state to impeach. Already the state is calling Chauvin’s tactic as applying pressure “to the neck area.”

Other damaging testimony drawn from the state’s witness was agreement that the crowd was hostile toward the police, called them various names, threatened them with violence, and indeed exhibited the potential to intercede violently in the arrest.

Once Nelson follows with expert medical testimony, analysis of the state’s autopsy, and testimony of police restraint measures by law enforcement experts,it is unlikely for a jury even in Minneapolis to convict Chauvin.

IMO, Floyd did not die from asphyxiation at the hands of Chauvin. He died because asphyxiation is a common effect from ingesting three times the lethal limit of fentanyl mixed with two other drugs while also having severely occluded blood vessels, and three times the normal amount of fluid inside of his lungs.

Sorry liberals, the five time loser was responsible for his own death, and the City of Minneapolis unjustly awarded his family $27 million dollars. This is justice in a liberal venue: a burned down city and $27 million awarded to the thug’s family. After the trial, do you suppose the Democrats are going to comport themselves peacefully? In a pig’s eye.

Shocking. Bikki takes the side of the white cop who killed a black man. Amazing!

It really is this simple to you, isn’t it.

Thank god Chauvin isn’t your son or brother.

I think Bikki is following the evidence. Clearly Floyd was so intoxicated that he died from substance(s) he ingested.

Now- I think Chauvin should probably get manslaughter because he took some actions that probably CONTRIBUTED, but we’re not the CAUSE of Floyd’s death. And if he would have called for medical assistance sooner, perhaps Floyd would have survived.

But he is not the CAUSE of the death. Clearly he is not.

We burned down cities over a lie. And you still propagate it.

Did you watch any of the trial 51? Nelson has already destroyed the State’s case. Chauvin’s knee was on the shoulder, and the state has accepted this premise and now refers to it as pressure on Floyd’s “neck area,” not his neck singular. Not too many people die of shoulder pressure. Nelson introduced camera shots supporting the exact location of the knee. It’s no longer even a credible case of manslaughter. Floyd was that sick. He was foaming at the mouth. He was fighting the cops for ten minutes. He was 6’6" tall, muscular. The cops could not put him in the cruiser. Chauvin according to the police witness was defusing the situation. Chauvin is not a doctor. He did call for an ambulance and police back up as well on account of the crowd. Chauvin considered it a safety measure to restrain the perp until his hysteria receded. Nothing the cop did was illegal.

How did Floyd die 51 in your opinion. Manual strangulation has been ruled out. Did a knee on his back cause him to asphyxiate or was it fentanyl and three other drugs in his body with an occluded heart and lungs filled with three times the normal amount of fluid. You know for certain without a shred of doubt how he died?

If he was my son or brother and it was determined that his actions contributed to or caused a man’s death, as hard as it is, they would need to be held accountable.

You believe it to be a lie, when it is actually your opinion.

Who is Jacobs? Are you referring to Floyd?

If Floyd could breathe, why was he gasping? Why did he fall unconscious? And why did the cop continue to lean on top of him after he stopped moving?

The state IMO has done well in indicating that Chauvin violated protocol. Did he literally cause his death? That’s debatable. Did he contribute to it? It certainly appears that way.

Yes I’ve mixed the names up. I am 78 years old now, just a few months younger than the president who is completely bonkers. Sorry about the error. I am on one of those jags where I haven’t slept in several days. I have never lived a week in my life where I’ve slept every day of the week.

I have corrected my posts, however, I don’t edit my own stuff as well as that of others.

The expert witness testified that a man in handcuffs is still a danger and must be suppressed. He could kick or bite someone or even grab a gun from a holster. Keeping him still is a defusing technique. Just minutes earlier he was fighting the cops and foaming at the mouth.

It’s not but I feel they’ll go this way under pressure. They have to return an indictment or the city burns.

GSC, it won’t be an indictment, it will be a judgment. Sending Chauvin to jail for ten or more years ruins his entire life. It also cancels his pension. Chauvin followed police procedure according to an expert who was a State witness and paid $13,000 for his testimony.

There would be no riots if the police declared curfews in liberal cities warning the people they will use rubber bullets. Is Chauvin just someone whose life truly doesn’t matter at all who needs to be sacrificed to maintain peace. BTW, how many Trump supporters will be rioting, or looting, for that matter?

Candace Owens is right. This is the third thug BLM has chosen to canonize.

Ann Coulter wrote a piece about Chauvin needing to be martyred.

Even when lying prone, handcuffed in his back and unconscious?

You’re reaching.

The witnessed also testified that perps pretend to have heart attacks, and frequently feign not being able to breathe. Chauvin is not a doctor. Do you know exactly when Floyd lost consciousness. Neither did Chauvin.

Attorney Nelson really surprised me. When I heard his opening statement, I thought Chauvin was doomed. On the eighth of the day of trial, he proved me to be badly mistaken in my judgment of his talent. His cross examination of two witnesses was out of sight superb. He had them reply exactly as he wanted. He deftly controlled the witnesses. Furthermore, he set up a segue into the rest of his defense.

Oh so because of this we should continue to lean on a man’s neck (yes, his neck) and not render aid? Because he MIGHT be faking? That’s worth risking the perp’s death?

Are you serious?

It has been proven and accepted by the state that his knee was NOT on his neck. The defense showed several photos from different angles. You are wrong in your statement 51.

How can you possibly say he wasn’t on Floyd’s neck?

Let me go over part of the testimony that I wrote in my notes while viewing the trial.

Atty Nelson asked When Floyd was declaring that he could not breathe, wasn’t he fighting the police trying to put him in the police car? Witness answered yes. Is this fighting inconsistent with not being able to breathe? Witness answered yes.

Atty Nelson asked the witness if while making an arrest if he had ever had a suspect feign a physical ailment. He answered: Yes. Fake a heart attack? Answer: Yes. An officer has to consider if those claims are lies? Answer: Yes.

Nelson asked witness if a suspect in handcuffs can still be a threat? Answer: Yes. Nelson asked they can bite, kick, or run? Witnesses answered: Yes. They can get the officer’s gun? Answered: yes. Even in handcuffs? Yes.

Nelson asked: Under your analysis of the MPD use-of-force continuum and policies, is it true that Chauvin would have been privileged to simply draw his Taser and use it on Floyd, to stop Floyd’s active resistance according to the police manual? Witness answered: Yes. He didn’t do that? Witness answered: yes. Chauvin then used less force than the manual allowed? Yes.

Did the officers consider hobbling Floyd after he kicked them? Yes. Did they? No. so they changed their mind? Yes. And hobbling would have been an escalation of force by the officers? Yes.

I am not saying it. The point has already been stipulated by the State. That means they agree that the knee was on his shoulder and back not on his neck. The state is now precluded from saying any further in the trial that the knee was on his neck. Atty Nelson had a bevy of photos from every angle which precipitated the states stipulation.

The state is now calling it “the neck area.” That’s going to be fun when Nelson asks them whether the neck is part of the neck area.

Pictures don’t lie Bikki. Further, a pulmonary expert testified that Floyd was using his fingers/knuckles to push on the police car in an effort to lift his shoulder to breathe.

But I get it. You’ll probably say he was doing this in an attempt to get his gun, not, you know, live.

The fentanyl killed him. Fentanyl kills by asphyxiation

51 will only frustrate you bikki. He’s ignored every point you’ve brought up and just continues his same lines over and over. He will bring up the neck 10 more times.

Fentanyl doesn’t choke you out. It causes cardiac arrest.

A knee on top of one’s neck area can cause asphyxiation.