Miami Versus Ga Tech

Miami finds itself the favorite in this one, and that in of itself should be worrisome. Miami somehow has a penchant for playing ingloriously in contests they should win., Who can forget what a downer it was when the Hurricanes succumbed to FIU. Will TVD continue to play at a high level? Perhaps the beauty of the game of college football is that even the most powerful teams may falter, and an underdog may rise up on that proverbial “given day.” I hope it doesn’t happen to us; we already have suffered enough this football season.

I see the Canes winning 38-21.

Anyone have a live stream to the game link?

Nice block Harley. :roll_eyes:

Nice one-handed catch by Harley. He had to make up for the terrible “block” on the other end of the field.

TD 'Canes!

TVD throws a really nice long ball.

Nice TD

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Black out in my area

Ugh, my ESPN app was bugging out and I missed the first 2 TDs. At least I’m in now.

Sucks the see Rambo fumble that ball. He was moving the football to the opposite side and got hit at the wrong time.

Ugh, tied up. I guess back to back fumbles will do that. We should recover.

Fumbles, dropped pass, we need to get a grip on things.

I feel bad for Van Dyke / Lashlee. Our head coach and thus program is a dunce.


If this doesn’t continue to say “talented team that is terribly coached” then you don’t follow football all that closely.

Terrible rushing game. Put a FB in game.

Back to back “injuries”

Didn’t the ncaa add a rule in for this shit?

That was not a good pass… Lucky it wasnt picked off

That second pass was worse.

Van Dyke / the entire offense seems overly confident right now.

Got that “playing backyard football” vibe right now. Fundamentals are falling apart.

Glad Ga Tech decided to pass on 3rd down instead of rushing the football. Had they run football, they’d likely have gotten the conversion.

Three fumbles in the first half.

This team man :joy:

Unbelievable. 3 turnovers… All led to GT scores

2 led to TDs. The first led to an INT.

These fumbles are unbelievable man. I don’t think any one of them was bad ball handling. They’re all just random almost, but so many so close together. Crap luck.