Liberals have destroyed Portland

Once known as “the City of Roses,” Portland can now be called the City of Feces. Excremental liberty reigns in Portland. Much like San Francisco, a person need not search out a bathroom. Everywhere is a bathroom. Businesses are leaving the city in droves. Shoplifting is an equity right in Portland. If you want something, you take it with impunity. And, whom do the liberal leaders of Portland blame for the chaos–the Proud Boys. BLM and Antifa rioted for 100 straight days after George Floydf’s heart attack while resisting arrest after committing a crime that would have landed him back in the penitentiary for the sixth time. Liberals have destroyed Portland. Portland is a microcosm of America, and Biden is turning America into Portland.

Here’s a wonderful article of the Portland of today. This is what liberal governance has done to a once beautiful city. The article is entitled appropriately “Put a Fork in Portland.”

I think I’ll let YOU take articles from THIS guy. You conservatives LOVE your oddly-uncomfortable, socially inept, failed comedians.

Downey wrote an excellent article. It doesn’t take Einstein to describe the level of misgovernance and failure seen in Portland. Once a refined, beautiful place has been turned into a shithole. The same thing is happening in Seattle. There are a host cities like Portland, and the one thing they have in common is progressive, woke liberalism. Downey’s article is a nice piece of work.

Downey looks like he’s Oscar the Grouch incarnate.

But, rather than listing PJ Media who cites a right wing blog of a website which uses itself as a source, just go directly to the official source. Of course, that takes integrity and a concern for what’s actually true…

Portland is finished until someone with a fully operating brain exhibits some leadership. Reading statistics does not mollify the despair of a turd seeping up through your toes as you walk down the main street of your town. Downey wrote an exceptionally good description of Portland. Six months of MAGA would lift Portland back into the domain of habitability. Small wonder why people flee to the turd-free suburbs and build walls around their homes.

They’ve already had more than 6 months of MAGA