Kari Lake, Who Demanded Mail-in Voting Be Banned, Now Urges People Use It

This is newsworthy?

Let alone MH.com message board worthy?

Much moreso than your chinbeard mancrush Twitter feed you rely on.

Much moreso than your chinbeard mancrush Twitter feed you rely on.

I’ll give you the link so you can follow him and tell him he’s wrong and actually a victim…Then how you and Kamala are going to save him.

I don’t think it’s inconsistent to say

“I am against mail in voting because it provides so many opportunities for fraud”


“Please go out and vote even if it’s by mail.”

It’s a reality today. There’s nothing she can do about it.

Complete goofball story.

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Agreed! I like Kari Lake. She’s a firebrand, and she seems to be a pragmatic person. Trump is excellent at recognizing talent. I’d like to see Doug Macgregor run for high office.

Conservatives loves mail-in voting as long as they’re the ones doing it. It has been their domain for years. It’s only when liberals picked up the ball that they’re crying.

I don’t agree with this statement. We will go along with it because it’s a system we’re trapped in. I don’t think any conservatives are proponents of mail in.

You don’t go along with shit. You fight it bc you want to maintain minority rule over the majority.

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I mean, I might very well be wrong, but I was under the impression that the majority of mail voting has traditionally been conservative. Then again this gets into the mail-in versus absentee debate, so I suppose there’s no point rehashing that.

Correct. Completely different operation. If Al mail in voting absentee in nature (meaning chain of custody and controls) I think we could all love with it.

This is dishonest. Look at Utah. Conservatives have NO PROBLEM and ADORE mail in voting…as long as it’s ONLY them using it. Has there been a big voter fraud, election fraud claim in Utah…who is entirely mail in voting?

Just dishonest