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Nice get for Miami.

Man, it’s quiet in here. I assumed someone would have posted a thread by now.

I’m on a golf trip…

What a get. At a time that it was really needed. STUD

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Perhaps two decades of disappointment have wilted our ability to transcend as we usually do during the preseason into our state of irrational optimism. Haven’t seen lately any ten win predictions for the coming year. IMO, the keys to improvement are two fold: a return to previous form by Van Dyke and perhaps even more important, the imposition of an acceptable rushing attack.


and a DT!


We just signed Artavius Jones, a kid running beneath the radar from Blountstown in the Florida Panhandle. Good pick up. Jones has good foot speed for a big guy, and no doubt about DT being a position of need.

Until the ink is dry I don’t really get excited about recruiting like I used to. It’s a nice win for now, yes, but let’s see how the season plays out and who signs.

That confused me too, especially when bikki said we “signed” him. We got a verbal from him. That can change in a second. Hell, the signature can change in a second. I see Chris Graves is leaving. Hell, as soon as a kid doesn’t play in a game it seems he’s on his way out the door. Getting REAL old REAL fast. I wonder if Mario’s “come get your kid” comment is totally backfiring on us or just what? Not that I don’t agree but let’s not give temperamental kids more reasons to want out at the drop of a hat.

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We are 1-2 over 85 so expect more. Graves wasn’t committed to football much like other Manny kids. While he signed with Mario, he didn’t get vetted like the current recruits. Let’s hope we don’t see as many of these types.

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Another DB lost…