Jacurri Brown to the U

Made his verbal commitment this morning at Lowndes HS…

DANG! Elite 11 QB on top of TVD, Garcia… now if Manny can just get Saturdays in the fall to look as good as the rest of the year.

I’ll believe it when I see it

Are you referring to 90’s comment about Manny getting “Saturdays in the fall to look as good as the rest of the year.”, or to Jacurri Brown actually signing an LOI? Or Both? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes. :laughing:

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In all seriousness, we keep making strides towards being an ACC contender. I don’t think we are top 10 material in 2021 but we should remain ranked all year. I fully expect this class to be a top 5 class due to Covid and how it will seriously limit class sizes across the country. This should allow us to land not just elite kids but lots of them. Being competitive with Bama and Clemson would likely seal the class for some. The name income should get us some kids that would normally accept bags. It also could keep kids from jumping too soon as they should be able to live well at Miami and help family pay bills.

We’ve seen the value of a mobile QB in how King performed this past year. This kid has the wheels. His passing should improve with excellent guidance under Lashlee.

Manny has proved to be a good recruiter. He has done especially well in getting transfer to plug holes in the weaker positions of the team.

Many has also been proactive with regard to the defense, taking over the coordinator’s job himself. What I really like is getting Jess Simpson back. He’s a good coach and well-respected by the players.

I worry about the Bama game. I cannot get the NCSt game out of my mind. How in the world did a Miami defense give up over 500 rushing yards, a Hurricane record. If there was ever a time for an All American LB to emerge, it is now.


would not have been my 1st choice (nor 2nd or 3rd), but its good to have a mobile qb available.

This is maybe my favorite QB recruit in the last 2 decades.

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Miami’s recruiting seems to have taken a turn for the better.

Recruiting is where it all begins. Hard to be an elite team without elite players.

If Miami can just start winning consistently, the rest will all fall into place. Great location, great school, etc. Sure the bag men probably aren’t as generous as some other schools but Miami shouldn’t be that hard of a sell if the team is winning.

I recommend not watching the Bama game. It will get late early.

This kid has a lot of upside and may be the best running QB in this class. With good coaching, he might be the real deal. Time will tell.

Sadly, his name sounds a little bit too much like “Jacory”.

Wow, Sub. That’s high praise. What about Brown stands out to you outside of his athleticism?

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Very high praise from you, lol. I think the ceiling is extremely high and he could put some serious pressure on defenses but two decades? Elaborate.

I also love the intangibles, kid seems very very sharp.

It’s great that we got Brown but none of this will really matter if he doesn’t stick around! We now have TVD, Garcia and Brown and all of them will be vying for one spot!

One or quite possibly even two of them is bound to get tired of waiting for their chance to play and will most certainly hit the transfer portal!

My money is on Garcia although I hope I’m wrong! I just can’t see him sticking around if he can’t beat out TVD for next in line while a scrappy young competitor in Brown is nipping at his heels as well.

Could Brown play as a freshman?

If he does then we have bigger problems than we thought.

Yes, I doubt they can keep all those QB’s happy for long. Hello, portal. That’s just the way it is now.