Is somebody going to sign a bill and put an end to all of these damn lynchings or what?

This shit’s out of control

Is someone going to sing a bill and put an end to some of these damn lynchings or what?

If I sing it, what key should it be in?


Lol…When you know you’ve been made a fool…Let’s go after a typo

Owned for life, bratty cunt

But let’s focus…We’re getting these lynchings under control right?

Not sure why a separate thread was necessary for this conversation - other than the fact that you’re desperate for attention, are ignoring the actual topic at hand and are just trying to score points.

Because I don’t want them to miss what a sanctimonious gullible fucking cunt you are.

What’s the actual topic at hand…Biden signing a bill to appear to be fighting racism? Gotcha

Just remember guys

All that really matters is that you appear to be fighting racism…That’s plenty. You’re doing your part.

Lost little sheep

Or you’re just a pretentious bitch trying to get attention. No, that can’t be it.

So….you’re saying he’s racist. Ok.

No I’m not saying that…I’m saying he’s full of shit and pandering

I leave all those loose racism accusations to pieces of shit like you.

Trump would never do such a thing!

You make it pretty easy to point out.

Pointing out this bill is non-pertinent right now in America is racist? Okay Jamele?

Trump would never do such a thing!

A. Who’s talking about Trump besides you and warden?
B. The whole Democratic Party is built on creating, promoting, and furthering fake racism and then pandering to the alleged victims.

You certainly aren’t.

That’s the point…Cunt

LOL. It certainly is, and it’s hilarious that you clearly aren’t understanding my point.

Why is Donald Trump mentioned in GSC’s thread? The thread isn’t about him…Yet it’s the first thing you respond with.

And no one that voted for him on this board was more critical than I was…I argued with Strom, GSC, Bikki, Canebill all of them

Can’t stand him. Just was the clear common sense, no brainer vote.

You have selective memory?

No - I just think it’s funny you aren’t getting my point.

Totally unrelated, but you have a couple of replies that need your attention in another thread. :rofl:
The “What Are They Hiding?” Thread.