I have a sincere question

For the past couple of years since the trans movement has become more mainstream, the argument has been, “a trans-woman is a woman.”

I’ve seen debates on YouTube and TikTok with liberal activists using this argument.

So, in the wake of the Roe V Wade decision, regardless of what you believe, how does the left not avoid the double standard of using the “a woman has a right to her body” without legally defining “a woman?”

On one hand you can’t argue that a male who transitions to a female is a “woman” and then say “males” are not allowed to participate in the debate about abortion rights.

Seems to me that the left will soon be forced to define what a woman is and in doing so will lose on of 2 of these issues on the basis of that definition.


I think the argument from the left will always be that “I get to do what I want with my body - regardless of who I am.”

On the abortion front the left willfully ignores the human life inside of the body they claim to defend.

Admittedly, I don’t understand your question. But it seems your established dilemma is myopic. It conforms to your binary worldview by defining man and woman and using improper pronouns while privileging it so. I think.

Does it conform to a binary worldview, or is it just simple biology? Are we as a society to simply ignore anatomy in order to accomodate for how/what a person ‘feels’ about themselves? Mankind’s so called intelligence/mindsets will be and has always been the central cause of its societal issues and downfalls.

And Ive already provided you material to peruse on the subject.

Of which you have yet to comment on, but keep asking the same questions over and over again.

Matter of fact I believe that you stated something along the lines of your religion and belief system don’t allow you agree. That is my bad memory interpretation of your response.

Which I think is a great response. So long as you are able to admit that your religion and belief system could be wrong.

I don’t have to set aside my faith for science. Science doesn’t contradict my beliefs. Simple anatomy shows what gender you are. Gender by definition is as follows:

  1. either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.
    “a condition that affects people of both genders”

GSC would refer to the word’s etymology from this point to show how definitions have been changed from its origins.

The second part of that definition is what we are dealing with now. There are those who want gender to be fluid instead of concrete. “I should be able to choose based on how I feel, what gender I want to be”.
God already made that decision at conception. If that bothers you then I’ll put it this way: Nature made that decision at conception.

Man, I just can’t get my head around this stuff when words like binary and shit are in the mix.

Do you have a pussy? If yes, you’re a female. I’m not sure how else to proceed.
Do you have a dick? If yes, you’re a dude.

I’ll call you Mary or Elliott or Chewbacca, if you want, but I’m just not able to move beyond dick or pussy in the conversation. If you have a dick and a puss…I dunno, Nicole Kidman?

This is one of the those topics I wish the Democratic side didn’t engage in. When you’re opponents are fighting you on basic things like banning books, accepting basic reality that they see with their eyes, the concept of voting as a principle, and the origin of the Democratic modern party is built on protecting labor…just this let’s take it to the extreme on the other side and let’s fight about having Ru Paul teaching elementary kids and everyone go piss in the unisex trough…I just can’t. I want to tell them to go fuck themselves.

Honestly, I wish the party would pretend Twitter didn’t exist, fuck the triggleypuffs of the party and just pretend they don’t exist. Fuck em. Stop trying to please 4000 different groups, on race, gender, sexual preference, whether you’re a non-binary, linear, bilinear whatever the fuck…you never will.

Labor, working class. Wages. Period.

I’d even be willing to say fuck it to things like affirmative action. I understand it’s origin and think it served a purpose. The problem isn’t fixed but this isn’t fixing it. It’s furthering the cause of the issue in the first place.

Welfare…the right fucking hates welfare. Okay, does welfare help? Sure. For a little bit. But, it cannot be argued that a black population with 80% not having a father is a bigger problem and more of a problem than any single thing else that’s being faced by the group. So, is welfare being abused? Oh for sure, vastly, and not by just black people like the narrative goes. So what, though. The opponents say limit it and have it end after a short period of time. Seems pretty fucking reasonable to me.

It’s like…we got a black President! Hoorraaayyy! Things can happen! Now, let’s go make it where kindergartners can decide to be a different gender and take gender displacement pills while they go to a class taught by Divine from a John Waters production. I mean, wooooaaaaah! That doesn’t feel like progress or following a path to better things. It feels like you were on a path and decided to take mushrooms and jump off the path while standing over an ocean break.

Things like gay marriage I think are fantastic, a basic right and solid on the accomplishment.

Now, I think its evident the right wing went so far beyond the craziness of this into literally denying basic reality they see in with their own eyes, but…I see it as this…they’re fragile, more ignorant, and more reactionary than most. That’s the point of building a party with this type of constituency. But, how do you think it’s going to go when you start challenging things to the point we’re debating what a woman is…man, just frustrating to me.

I’m a liberal for economic reasons. When in power, liberals tend to enact policy with long term thinking and macro vision. Conservatives, imo, enact economic policy with a short term view that benefits their numbers while in office but hurts the country down the road. I think we should give a shit about race and gender and I totally believe in fighting for things like abortion rights, but god damn…because I accept basic economics I am now spending my days defending some 19 yr old trigglypuff on a college campus throwing feces at a jackoff white supremacist because she’s scared of his words.

I just, for the life of me, can’t get beyond :

dick - male.
puss - female.

As for, “what about if Lebron cuts his dick off, can he play in the WNBA”? I think if you go as far as to cut off your dick, okay…you put in the effort. You can be Lady Gaga or whatever the hell you want to be, I guess. I dunno, seeing Lerch win the swimming thing was ridiculous to me.

Maybe, I’m just old. I’m willing to accept being wrong. I’m wrong a lot. But…just…damn, this seems stupid to debate.


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I think many independents are with you as well. I don’t buy into everything the right pushes for but some of the cultural stuff I just can’t get past. Non negotiable stuff for me.

Same.This is a black and white issue. No gray area.

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Bhahahaha…“privileging it so”

How do people end up like this fucking idiot?

Go give yourself 40 lashes or brand yourself or some shit and leave the rest of us alone for fuck sake.

Solid post by Warden above…Agree with most of it.

Didn’t say that

I said they one or both could be wrong, and you HAVE to admit that possibility.

There is possibility that your faith is all a fairy tale made up because you are not man enough to face the finality if death.

There is the possibility that the outdated science you believe is wrong too.

Both of which could possibly be true.

The problem in the argument, then, is that you can’t admit that either could potentially be false.

Me either. But I know plenty of trans and even blood whom is trans. Kid knew since kindergarten; never said a word until like age 25. Knew the whole time and this was before teachers were turning our kids trans :thinking: (lol)

Lastly, the science shows we are wrong. I may not get it. I may not agree. I also happen to think I’m wrong.

No he didn’t

I actually don’t agree with this. I don’t believe primary and secondary sexual characteristics define male and female. There are people who are born hermaphrodites and unless you know their genetics you wouldn’t be able to tell their sex.

If you are born with xx you are female. Xy, male.

Now- I believe that homosexuality and transgenderism is a disorder inside the brain. Most likely the way the brain develops is affected hormonally or epigenetically in some way. There have been studies that clearly demonstrate known differences between female and male brains. And gay male brains are very similar to hetero female brains:

SC- I don’t believe in the distinction between gender and sex. They both historically meant the same thing and only recently diverted in meaning to one being biological and the other social.

If there is a gender, then it would be rooted in brain chemistry as I outlined above. But since I believe it’s a disorder, a term like gender doesn’t work for me.

Lol at you calling it a “disorder” though…

Outside of that, I’d agree mostly with your sentiment:

I guess I should add as a caveat, that I doubt it is all physio or only physio though. I’d concede that it all can’t be explained from physio knowns but that other variables, like socio or environmental, can affect in full or part, change.

Oh we trust the WHO again?

What about when they doubled and tripled down that asymptomatic covid spread was EXTREMELY rare? Why are they back in favor all of a sudden?

Just trying to keep this all straight.

Not only that, but he just mocked me for calling homosexuality/transgenderism what it was AWAYS understood to be before the politics crept in and forced psychiatrists to change the definition.