Hykeem Williams

I see that he’s committing soon. How do we feel about our chances?

To me, he’s a game changer and would complete the WR class.

First commitment almost definitely won’t matter with him.

Drama queen…Basically looking for some $

Sick talent with that size/speed/body control talent…But there has been some questioning his heart and a willingness for physical play. Want him in this class, but just saying…Roller coaster recruitment.

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So is Fowles dependent on Williams going elsewhere or can he commit to us any time?

Imo, Fowles is a backup plan for Dickey. Similar strongly built, yac, BIG wr…Dickey just better and looks like one of the best players in HS Football imo.

Schools seem to be suprisingly passing or at least hesitant on Fowles. Speed is somewhat of a question but he’s a take. Maybe it’s grades or something

UM is recruiting him. But he obviously can’t commit yet or he would have. There are reports that things are picking up with Tyler Williams, who I really like. If it’s true i’ll add him back to WR board

Shooting high for wr #3…dickey/williams/williams/jean/tate

And then if two of the group want to come, you take another or decide if you want to add Fowles to the mix. That’s my best guess.

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Fowles to UL