Gonzalo Lira and the Ukraine Blame Game

I think even those most successfully brainwashed by anti-Russian propaganda now realize how they’ve been played. Biden stewarded us into a proxy war against Russia that is causing economic chaos in Europe and at home in America. This would not have happened under Trump. Trump was too adept at foreign policy and a seasoned business man.

So the U.S. winds up funding a costly war against Russia by supporting a regime led by an actor who has an Italian villa and a home in Miami and a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Apparently, acting is very lucrative in Ukraine. Conveniently, no American blood is being spilled in this war. We’re leaving the fighting, dying, and wounding to the Ukrainians who are now being killed at the rate of 1,000 per day. From the beginning, Ukraine had absolutely no chance against the powerful Russian army that has building up steadily during the last two decades. Purportedly we’re the good guys, but ironically the Good Guys, that’s us, are supporting a corrupt government infused by Neo Nazis and urging them to fight until the last Ukrainian is killed. Repeat, we are supporting, sending them weapons, the right wing Nazi faction that has achieved a significant foothold of power in Ukraine.

Gonzalo Lira is a voice of reason. Living in Kharkov, he has access to greater information than most journalists. He has been spot on predicting the course of the war. In this video, he laments the poor Ukrainians who are sacrificing their lives against an inexorable force.

Just how stupid can Joe Biden be not to demand an end to this war. Ukraine needs to surrender unconditionally to stop the carnage and let the chips fall where they may in a Russian ordered settlement.

That idiot Gonzalo supports appeasement. Fuck him and fuck Putin.

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I can understand how someone who doesn’t do research doesn’t matter understand history.

Remember when bikki said Ukraine didn’t have an army anymore? That was 3 months ago.

They really don’t have an army. Communications and coordination have broken down, and most of the soldiers are hunkered down in apartments and other dwellings in the larger cities. The war is over, and Russia never needed to employ its heavier weapons. Russia will not cease hostilities until their campaign is completed completely. Since NATO broke the previous two agreements upon Ukraine, the peace will be more or less dictated rather than negotiated by Putin. If Europe does not make peace, it might well experience an economic depression. The Europeans will beg for mercy before winter this year set in.

For not really having an army, they’ve kicked the shit out the alleged best land army in Europe.

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Of course not. Russia’s been fighting ghosts this whole time. They’ve retreated from sections of the front in Kharkiv and Kherson for no reason at all. And they just publicly warned soldiers in Severodonetsk, even though they don’t exist.

Russia is going to be in a world of hurt this winter.

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As reported in the New York Time on June 13, Russia earned what is very likely a record 93 billion euros in revenue from exports of oil, gas and coal in the first 100 days of the country’s invasion of Ukraine. The revenue exceeds what Russia is spending on the war.

Hmm, how well are we doing with “Build Back Better?” Who are the sanctions hurting us or them? How do you think voters are going to like $500 to $1,000 A/C bills?

Yeah. Fuck the lives of those Ukranian men women and children. Their lives aren’t worth $5.00 per gallon of regular unleaded.

Didn’t get passed.


Why would that be the case. We’re the largest producer of natural gas in the world, third largest producer of coal, largest producer of oil, etc. Dude, outside of Trump, I’ve never seen a more pathological liar than you are

The best way to stop the murder and maiming in Ukraine is surrender. Ukraine has already lost the war. Presently, the government is asking soldiers to commit suicide. Putin is doing a great job denazifying the country, wiping out the last vestiges of Nazism. America should not supply weapons to Nazis. America should not be fighting a proxy war against Russia, losing the war at the expense of Ukrainian lives.

If stupid Biden doesn’t try to stop the war, the Europeans will. The European economy cannot persist without Russian raw materials while in contrast Russia is doing well, oil revenues defraying the entire cost of the special military operation. Moreover, the Europeans are sick and tired letting Washington run NATO. The Ukrainian War may spell the end of NATO.

In the mean time, the U.S. is headed for a deep recession. The stock market is going to wipe out lots of the gains in American retirement plans. Look for A/C in a suburban home to cost between $500 and $1,000 a month. Gasoline hasn’t begun to subside in price. Europeans are paying nine dollars a gallon. Food prices too will continue their upward ascent. Biden and his wokesters are destroying America. Even Democrats are realizing what a disaster Biden has been. All the dead Ukrainians and Russian would be alive today had Trump not been swindled out of reelection. Trump was too smart to have allowed a war to break out in Ukraine. Trump’s foreign policy was nothing short of brilliant. Trump could deal with Putin while Biden calls him a murderer.

China is getting ready to seize Taiwan and has already served notice that it will fight should the U.S. interfere in the Asian Pacific. Biden is just stupid enough to blurt out some bellicose threat and presto we’ll be at war with China. Trump said Biden would destroy America, and with each passing day, it appears Trump was right.

The best way to stop the murder and maiming in Ukraine is for Russia to withdraw.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if Russia decided to attack the US in an effort to “denazify” us, Putin would have Bikki’s full support.

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Axis Sallie

Bikki - you’ll love this


Liberal idiots leading us to perdition.

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