Georgia Fraud caught on video

Trump team showing GA Legislature film of the steal in Georgia.

Here’s your evidence gentlemen - at least on one state.

It’s a live broadcast so you may have to wait for it to be over to review it.

Now let’s stop the talk of “no evidence.”

This is what I referred to shortly after election then again in say…Mid-November. A friend who lives just outside of Atlanta (not sure if in Fulton county) told me 1 day after election that someone he knows worked at voting center. This is what I referred to as a “pump fake” about going home…Then staying behind or coming back…

I will watch. Doesn’t change a thing. Joe
Biden is President

You would say that if someone assassinated a republican observer on this tape though…you’re just a bit partial, don’t you think.

No. Are you serious

He’s not…

But It will change Georgia buddy.

And PS - we’re just getting started.

Tens of thousands of illegal votes in Nevada found.

PA Legislature brought case to Supreme Court to reverse certification.

Arizona will follow PA soon on legislature.

Wisconsin over 100,000 illegal ballots discovered.

Just wait for it fire. Just wait for it.

If there really are 100,000 of fraudulent votes in 5-7 states, I could see a civil war. Why is Barr coming out as saying no signs of fraud?

Ok man

I answered in the old forum but here’s options:

1… he’s deepstate and was a mole the entire time. Medium probability

2… he’s a coward and doesn’t want to be perceived as interfering in an election. High probability

3… he’s incompetent and doesn’t see the fraud. Low probability

4… it is part of an elaborate plan to catch these guys. Let them feel over confident and reveal themselves. Low probability.

No one knows the answer. However, I don’t think it matters. The media can’t hide this any longer. The dam will soon break and all of you will wake up soon.


Watched a few minutes and all I heard was an old guy talking about software without knowing the first thing about software development, security…

Here you go 90’s.

Gives me a chance to check out the site features:

Some context. 5 minutes prior to this - about 100 people there were told to leave due to a water leak.

Everyone except for 4 people left. They proceeded (upper right corner) to take a ballot box from under the table and scan them without Republican monitors.

They estimate 18,000 ballots over 2 - 3 hour period.

I think the establishment is too strong. I don’t have confidence in our system. And that’s Republicans and Democrats. They are equally corrupt.

It will take a court to hear these cases and they don’t want to do it because it will blow up the system.

We will just let the greatest steal since the Andrew Jackson days happen and go on with our lives. I’m sorry, but the forces are too strong against the people.

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Not so fast Indiana!


Personally - I’d like to see a full forensic examination but this is progress!

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