Georgia Capitol under military occupation

Again- nothing happening. They are just there in case Trump supporters show up and decide to clean up after themselves afterward.

Go back to sleep. Sshhhhhhhhhh :zzz:

Oh my god.

Georgia is under military control? Really? Or is the national guard protecting the capital because of crazy redneck Trump supporters?

Holy shit dude. Talk about a sensationalize headline.

What are you talking about? No one’s sleeping. You realize the US Capitol was stormed a couple weeks back, right? You realize there’s an inauguration and more protests coming up, right?

Gee, why would they be possibly beefing up security???

Two men armed with rifles over their shoulders showed up at the Capitol this afternoon, the first sign of any armed protest.

The men, one wearing camouflage and the other a UGA scarf, spoke briefly to Georgia National Guardsmen from the other side of a barricade, but declined to identify themselves to an AJC reporter.

“They should definitely be careful and understand they work for the people,” the man in camouflage said of the Georgia National Guardsmen and Georgia State Patrolmen.

A lot of people were there today. BLM was there. Divine Deliverance was there. And:

Last night [Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene], who has been photographed with armed militia members, appeared to urge her followers to demonstrate at Sunday’s protests, telling them “to mobilize and make your voices heard in opposition to these attacks on our liberties.”

Honest question, would you NOT expect Capitol security around the country to be beefed up after what happened and the continued calls to action on social media?

Why can’t state police and SWAT & Riot police handle it?

2 guys?

Call in the military? For 2 guys?

GSC - there’s just no other way to say this: you are choosing to be ignorant.

The capital gets fucking sacked a week and a half ago.

There are reports of armed protests in every state capital - and 4,000 armed protesters surrounding the capital in DC.

After authorities in DC COMPLETELY fucked up by not preparing for obvious unrest in 1/6, of course they’re going to go over the top. As they should.

You’re smarter than this…right?

Police are there too.

Armed members of the Georgia State Patrol, Capitol Police and the Georgia National Guard began arriving at the Capitol complex before 8 a.m.

It’s the other way around, dude. The police were there FIRST, right? Tell me you figured that out already?

I gave you a quote with 2 guys. I didn’t say 2 guys total showed up to the Capitol.

There were supposed to be large armed protests at a bunch of Capitols today. A lot of it may have been disgruntled bloviation on social media, but the overwhelming presence serves to discourage a repeat of last week.

That wasn’t my question. I asked why can’t police and swat and riot police handle it… alone.

Why do we need fully armed military with humvees and saws and m16s? Doesn’t sound like riot control.

I can’t wait for the 20th. Tired of this sh*t.

But, Trump supporters don’t clean up after themselves, and try to kidnap and execute public officials because there isn’t enough of them to win an election

That didn’t work in the US Capitol. Overwhelming force is a very powerful deterrent. Ultimately, it’s up to each state to decide what kind of protection they want. About half opted to deploy the National Guard.

Not because they couldn’t do their jobs. Because they willingly let them in. We saw it. It’s clear as day.

Okay GSC, so complete this mental exercise with me.

If the police can’t fully be trusted… then didn’t you just answer your own question?