FBI going after rightwing extremist groups at the Capitol

Not just the Proud Boys but the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers.

Look at all those peaceful Trump supporters…

Wonder if these guys are antifa too. Or maybe everyone we don’t like is antifa, the literal conservative bogeyman.

There were hundreds of thousands at the Trump rally in Washington. Yes, there were some bad apples. I definitely think there were some leftists disguised as Trumpers, probably the worst of the bunch that invaded the building. In summarizing the entire capitol event, I declare that it was “mostly peaceful.”

Lol…these big bad right wing extremist groups just taking over the country ya know.

They sound like a Netflix Original. :joy::joy::point_up_2:

They sound like Fox News. :joy::joy: :point_up_2:

Lots of good YouTube vids about each of these right wing terrorist organizations. Let’s hope the FBI cracks down on these terrorists over the next 8.