Fauci’s net worth doubled during Scamdemic

Isn’t that interesting?

Cue the protectors of the establishment!

He should have hired a better advisor! HA pun and truth

I hope to fuck he dies before UNC kickoff

The shit he talked before and shortly after vaccine…He pleads the 5th now. Crickets…And some of you ate it up hook, line, sinker.

Super Interesting…more interesting the fact of who you single out while who you ignore…


This one was fun…afterwards, they then had to disavow the vaccine bc their constituents believe in monsters living under the bed

You want to keep going?

Hey Warden- did any of those individuals you listed DIRECT THE NATIONAL HEALTH RESPONSE AGAINST COVID?

I’m all for finding all the people that illicitly gained during the pandemic BUT FAUCI WAS IN A UNIQUE POSITION.

Wouldn’t you agree?

What a fucking troll you are that instead of unifying on this issue which we can all agree you instead took the bait like I knew you would.

What an utter asshole.

What part of this seems nefarious?

Investment Gains: $910,174

Disclosures show $910,174 in gains within the Fauci stock, bond, and money market portfolio during 2021 – in 2020, the portfolio gained $794,369. The total value of Dr. Fauci’s investment account was $10,271,626 and his wife’s investments totaled another $2,405,887, as of 12/31/2021.

These funds were held in a mix of trust, retirement, and college education accounts. Fauci has an IRA worth $706,219 (up $67,700); a defined benefit brokerage account totaling $2,551,210 (up $147,688); and a revocable trust worth $7,014,197 (up $1,718,299). His wife’s revocable trust is worth $2,269,225 (up $306,406) and an IRA totaling $136,662 (up $16,385).
The disclosures show that he’s invested in fairly broadly targeted mutual funds, with no reported holdings of individual stocks. The Fauci’s deposited an additional net $1,346,304 in savings during this period.
Fauci’s 2021 disclosures show that he continues with an ownership stake in a San Francisco restaurant, Jackson Fillmore, worth between $1,000 and $15,000: but received minimal income from the restaurant.

A unique position for what? Nothing stated by any of these articles even alleges he misused his position in any way. So…you seem to have a problem with the fact that he exists. You have no problem with people making money off of their position, do you?

You praised Trump, who violated the emoluments clause by making money off his position in the government.

Curious…why aren’t you holding Trump to that standard? Fauci doesn’t look like he directly benefited from his position, but Trump sure as hell does

Um…I know you have trouble following…but, nothing there shows Fauci directly made money from investments relating to Covid. But, we have ample evidence Trump directly charged taxpayers over and over and over and over for visits to his own clubs. Where’s your outrage?

In fact, your source is OpentheBooks.com, founded by GOPer and former attempted Governor candidate Adam Andrzejewski and Oklahoma GOP scumbag Tom Coburn. Interestingly, when I open their page…it appears to be much less partisan than they pretend to be

What’s really interesting is how selective they are about their reporting. Gander, if you will, at their previous reports and you’ll find some remarkably glaring omissions…namely, everything relating to the GOP or the past President. Hmmm…

But, who did make money off of Covid?

GOP Richard Burr
GOP Tommy Tuberville
GOP Marge Green
GOP Jim Inhofe
GOP Kelly Loeffler
Dem Dianne Feinstein

I don’t recall your posts about them. You obviously don’t want people in government profiting off of their position, right? Did your keyboard break before you could write those posts?

In fact, I don’t recall anything you posted about this

Or this

or this

You poor fella, I’m sure you were typing those other posts to comment on all of the GOPers who profit off of their position including and in particular Trump. I get it, your cat spilled water on your keyboard, right? The dog peed on it? The kids used it as a bat outside?

You obviously have another keyboard now, so…I guess we’ll wait for your posts on these folks using their government positions to profit themselves. Um…do we expect that this afternoon or tomorrow or…? Also, I assume you’re explain to us what you mean as to Fauci making money…I’m sure somehow there is a nefarious element in there that not one of those stories mention. Poor guy, I know I’m rushing you.

Take your time…we know you’re good for it. :joy:

Yep, I went straight to the source of the non profit too. The guy who runs the non profit is a failed conservative scumbag too.

Fauci salary nominally increased in line with ours as well. Everything else seems logical. So much vitriol and hatred.

The guy made money. He’s been in that position since the 80s, so I’m not shocked he’s smart enough to make some money.
I’m sure GSC will follow up with his comments on how terrible Trump and his cronies are for making money off taxpayers while in office, directly attributed to their position within the government. I mean, GSC, if anything…is not a total and utter hypocrite, right? Of course not