Even our Doctors are woke

Let’s just stop calling it science at this point.

If doctors can’t be honest enough to admit that sex is a biological fact then I’m not willing to listen to their opinion on anything else.

I fear for the life my sons are being forced into. If this passes you won’t even be able to distinguish a biological male from a trans-female.

What a disgrace. I might just pack it in and move them into the woods at some point. This is disgusting.

I’m imagining police departments taking this same approach for 911 calls. “We have a Latin, late 20’s early 30’s, on foot. All units be on the lookout for a Latin”.



AcTuAlLy It’S lAtInX!!!


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I hear you but that’s now what they said.

Sex data is still collected for the birth certificate, but they’re saying that it shouldn’t be on the public record because that’s a burden to the individual. Which is still dumb as all hell, but it’s more of an individual liberty/privacy issue rather than a scientific one.

Doctors should not be and are not (in the past) in the business of “personal liberty” or “wokeness”

They are and should be in the business of science and medicine.

Full stop.

This is an absolutely insane position for them to take.

AMA does not represent the vast majority of doctors. Approximately 20% are members.

Thank god but 20% is still significant.

Are you a doctor MRCD? If so, how does this statement make you feel?

Doctoring as a vocation isn’t in that business. Individual doctors, of course, should be free to have their own views.

The AMA afaik is basically a lobbying association. not to defend their position, because I think it’s dumb, but I would expect them to be involved in politics.