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Thanks for putting it up…I am finally accepted…Guess this is like the mob once you are in…you are in for life.

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One of my favorite movies. I like the part where he talks to the kid about Mickey Mantle.

I have his autograph. Pretty cool story if you want to hear it.

I have a sticked post for Fish’s podcasts and added the latest ones he posted on the old site.

I will have a new one up today…we discuss Miami’s class again. My guy who puts them up has been traveling and was unable to get them up right away this week.

We give all give each other a lot of shit, but let’s be honest: Elite(Nole)80 has been a valuable contributor for years.

Happy Holidays buddy

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Appreciate…All is good from here. I have always felt this group of posters is probably the most unbiased, fair group of people I have come across on a message board. most sites you say one thing and they jump on you like a bunch of hyenas.