Disney Markets LBGTQ+IA toys to kids

Ages 0 and up.

I really think the woke corporations are going to see a major backlash. Netflix seems to realize the problem with going woke.

You mean, despite the fact that the overwhelming number of Americans accept and support LGBTQ types, gay marriage, etc? You’re so consistently wrong, it’s really interesting to watch. It’s not a shock you’re from Indiana…the state who elected Pence who tried to make it a law you held funerals for miscarriages and menstrual cycles

The fact that you think Netflix is losing market share because they’re “woke” is, well, typical from you. You’re made for advertisers

You really come across as an angry dude.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure your stats have nothing to do with the point I’m making, as usual.

It’s either completely over your head or you are willfully throwing out stats that don’t counter my point.

Here’s a little secret for you, the trans craze is way more extreme and something many gays don’t want to be lumped into.

And we are talking about a traditional family company that is marketing trans stuff to kids. Sick people.

I could see that. I’m just an asshole, though. Not remotely angry this morning. Stressed about the potential of having to put down a pup

Actually, they do. They show the vast majority of American support LBGTQ rights and things like same sex marriage, what you consider being “woke.” You cite Netflix, which is kind of nuts. They have lost sizable market share but literally nothing about it being caused from anything related to “being woke.”

Based upon what? What the guy in your mirror told you? Also, LBGTQ is more than just transsexuals. It INCLUDES the gays.

You’re simply showing you’re a religious bigot.

It’s not “trans stuff.” It’s backpacks and shirts with a rainbow. Grow up

You all don’t want a democratic republic. You want a Christian theocracy

Oh rly

Care to back this up for us?

Something tells me I know more gays than Indy

It’s anecdotal, but it isn’t surprising.

The trans situation is way different than being gay. It’s not in the same ballpark.

Really? Your entire story is about backpacks with rainbows on them. How is that catering to transsexuals and not gays? It’s a fucking rainbow, snowflake. You have such a problem with rainbows on keychains and backpacks but no issue with DeSantis using the power of the state to attack political opponents who are a private business.

DeSantis is evening the playing field and removing special exemption status. I don’t see a problem with that. Does every company have the sweet deal that Disney has in Florida?

That’s because of your lack of integrity. You weren’t bitching about Disney’s special exemption status BEFORE they were nice to gays and trannies. DeSantis is using the power of the state to attack political enemies. That doesn’t bother you at all…because, conservatives have a penchant for authoritarianism. You bitch about losing free speech over Twitter but when the actual state is being used to silence people, you cheer it on. It has nothing to do with the special exemption status itself except that it was only attacked WHEN DeSantis decided they were a political enemy and were using their free speech in a way he didn’t agree with.

Each day, conservatives show they have no love for this country. They are diametrically opposed to everything we were founded upon, every principle.

Quite the opposite actually.

Your side hates this country.

Totally different than marketing it to children.

Not rocket science here.

Says the guy who worships autocracy

Your think this would be evident no?

Supporting what 2 consenting adults do with one another Or even what one consenting adult chooses for his/her/it’s own body is one thing.

Pushing it on children is another.

But Mr Integrity…. He conflates the two to try to win an argument.

Disney should be praised for showing acceptance of the gay community, as opposed to considering being gay as immoral, bad, to be frowned upon or hidden…like you and Indy and the rest of the fascists think. The more people NOT thinking like you all, the better for all humanity and country.

The revealing thing is how you feel about being gay, that’s what you’re showing. You’re not talking about heterosexual relationships in Disney movies, the hidden naked chick in the Lion King cover, the hooker reference in Toy Story, the Lemon Party in Cars, the naked portraits in Ratatouille, the erection in Toy Story 2, the rogue penis in the Little Mermaid…consenting adults? You mean, you weren’t saying the same thing about the honeymoon of the heterosexual couple in Aladdin?

Of course not…because at the heart, you consider gay to be immoral, to be bad and hence should be shielded from your kids because you’re terrified one of your kids might be gay. Here’s a clue, clueless - a rainbow isn’t going to turn your kid gay.

How’s this…more children have been raped by Catholic priests and Baptist pastors and youth pastors than anyone working for Disney or any Disney characters. Want to ban something? Ban your churches, bigots.

What a bigoted loser

You mean like ken and barbie? You mean like the infinite host of Disney princesses? You mean like every Disney movie ever made?

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2009 Disney first foray into a black animated star , Tiana where they hid her as a frog for 75% of the movie.

2017 first time gays existed in the Disneyverse

Straight and white is ok, but any other foreigner up in dis bitch, we gonna start crying. Gtfo

also, this rainbow stuff came out in 2018.

So what you fucking idiot?

Straight and white is ok, but any other foreigner up in dis bitch, we gonna start crying. Gtfo

Does this moron’s daughter get ahold of his account?

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